What Sexual Intimacy is REALLY About

What Sexual Intimacy is REALLY About

I believe our culture has severely lost its compass on the basic foundation of what sexual intimacy is all about. Its purpose was for a man and woman, in holy matrimony, to fulfill a God given human need of physical intimacy —  as well as procreation. Unfortunately, the world has rejected this beautiful, healthy and incredible concept and made it its own. The result is elicit sexual perversion of all kinds which is constantly getting darker and more perverted with the end result being the degradation of men, women and children.

As a married Christian woman, I wish there were more couples standing up for what’s right, celebrating the incredible gift of sexual intimacy with their spouse and protecting this aspect of marriage. We should be proclaiming it from their roof tops to drown out the constant message that “sex is ok anyway you want it. You don’t have to be married. It’s not that big of a deal. Pornography is ok.” This kind of messaging is destroying us. When my husband shares about this gift we have and how we want to celebrate it, I sometimes think “maybe its too much”, but then I think about how many people are actually learning this truth for the first time. I then release my apprehension to see others grow in this aspect of their marriage.

The truth is, sex is a big deal in the human race, it’s part of who we are, it’s a natural drive given to humans. However, unlike animals, who were not created to have self control, when its mating season for them, they respond accordingly. We as humans have a choice. We have access to a higher intellect we can choose to live in, a moral code of right and wrong — animals do not.

My advice to married people: celebrate this gift, nurture it, protect it. Don’t get your cues from this lost world. Don’t give in to what the cultures says about sex. Marriage is designed to be a lifelong journey. Take this journey with your spouse. Teach each other and explore all the amazing levels of intimacy that await you both as a married couple. I’m grateful for my God fearing, loving and compassionate husband.

Eileen Marx


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