DC Outreach Fund

A New ATP Office for Outreach can now be in Washington D.C. with your help!

“Our liberty is under God and can be found nowhere else. May our faith be not merely stamped upon our coins, but expressed in our lives.”

-Dr. Peter Marshall, Chaplain U.S. Senate

Do you agree that our nation is in trouble and has, in many ways, turned its back on a holy and righteous and loving God and instead has embraced so much of the kingdom of darkness especially here in D.C.?

If you agree, then we need you to join us immediately to start a consistent permanent outreach this year to the leaders and influencers in D.C.

Each time I’ve come up here to meet and minister and speak to folks at some of the highest levels from the Hill, to the Pentagon, to the halls of Congress or to the many dignitaries from every part of the world who come here, we see how the Lord is touching not just their lives but their families as well.

This, my friends and fellow Americans, is a field ripe for harvest for the Kingdom of God!

The Bible says to, “Make your calling and election sure,” and you can bet I have as an evangelist with great conviction to stand up for all that is just as well as to share the Love of God to all. We have prayed earnestly and are now willing to extend ourselves a bit more out of any comfort zone for this time in our nation in this season of great uncertainty and instability and all only for the Glory of God!

Pray for us and Partner with us:

We need people praying for our leaders.

We also need your prayer as each month we will be traveling back and forth from our home to live here part time in order to advance the Kingdom of God here and not only impact our nation but the world. For the remainder of this year, we are committing to secure a small place to live as well as an office in D.C. We already have a full-time staffer here but your prayers and help will allow me and my family to travel and live here part time every month.
Support for this outreach needed now and monthly through the end of 2016. We need pledges of support within the next two weeks in order to move forward with this.

New budget item for DC Outreach for 2016 is only $140K.

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