As a child, Victor survived multiple step-fathers, one of whom was severely abusive, while attending 14 schools & living in 17 houses by the time he graduated from high school.


Victor found discipline in his life from his training in martial arts, earning his 7th degree black belt, and from his service in the United States Marine Corps.


After his biological dad became a Christian, he helped Victor find salvation in the Lord. With their relationship restored, Victor’s dad was his Best Man at his wedding.


The Founding Of

All Things Possible

& Youth Outreach

After going into his first juvenile facility to share his story with a group of incarcerated kids in 2002, Victor founded All Things Possible Ministries (ATP), a faith-based organization that works on a global scale to free children from abuse and the effects of trauma.

Online Popularity

& Feature Film

Victor’s life story was chronicled in his documentary film and book, “The Victor Marx Story.” He also began an online ministry through Youtube and Facebook. His “World’s Fastest Gun Disarm” video reached over 10 million views.

Speaking &

International Outreach

As a humanitarian, speaker, and child/youth advocate, Victor speaks all over the U.S. and internationally. Victor’s story crosses all boundaries, providing inspiration and encouragement to widely-diverse audiences.


In 2014, Victor began mission trips to children and families in Northern Iraq. He has now completed many high-risk mission trips. He continues to seek ways to help these fractured communities and bring comfort to the hurt, broken, and trafficked youth in the region.


In 2017 and 2018, Victor released two documentary films about trauma and recovery. Triggered Military version and Triggered Too (civilian version) bring hope and healing to all who suffer from trauma.

Triggered Military Version Trailer

Triggered Too (Civilian) Trailer