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The Training Center Mission.

Our current pandemic has only emphasized the need for well-prepared, spiritually strong, emotionally strong and physically strong men, women and families. We know that God wants more for us and we believe that He has called us to stand in the gap and deliver. Many are searching. We see glimpses of this search in movements and sports that attempt to reconnect us with nature, our physical selves and business success.

But it all misses a key component — Jesus Christ.

We have to work harder and smarter, and be more innovative than ever before. We have to push ourselves to deliver programs that accomplish real heart and lifestyle change. This is why we have created the Victor Marx Leadership & Training Center.

From Victor and Eileen

Our Vision.


The vision of the Victor Marx Leadership & Training Center in collaboration with All Things Possible Ministries is to train and equip a new generation of spiritual leaders for the mission field, the workplace and the home. We endeavor to see strong families being built, marriages flourish and every man, woman and young person we serve grow closer in their relationship with Jesus Christ — and to be prepared every step of the way.

Victor and Eileen Marx, in conjunction with All Things Possible Ministries team members, partners and collaborators will facilitate a variety of programming including but not limited to the programs outlined below.

What We’ll Start With

Key Programs.

Online Courses

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Men's Weekend

Join Victor, world-class specialists and other men around the country for hands-on training, outdoor activities and biblical inspiration.

Women's Weekend

Join Eileen & Victor, world-class specialists and other women around the country for hands-on training, outdoor activities and biblical inspiration.

Couple's Weekend

Victor and Eileen lead couples on an intimate and fun journey to encourage godly relationships.

Father and Son Weekend

Create a memorable experience between you and your son in the shadow of Pikes Peak.

Young Men's Weekend (18-25)

This is it. Your opportunity to be challenged and to build a foundation for life.

Girls Empowerment Weekend (13+)

Training for godly young women.

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