Protect Your Kids From Sex Trafficking.


Why This Course Matters

The Hidden Danger Lurking on the Playground.

The Underground Commercial Sex Economy is big business. The profits are ridiculously high. The oppression and exploitation of sex trafficking allows for the greatest margin of profits for the traffickers and they continually refine their business practices to maximize the amount of money that they expect and demand to make. This course is an Anti-Trafficking awareness course. The course objective is to reduce the likelihood of you, your kids and loved ones from being exploited by a trafficker.


The average age of entry into the sex trade.


Victims who are never offered help.


Law enforcement with adequate trafficking training.


Victims who are officially reported.

Course Modules.

Module One: A Course Introduction And Background.

In this first module, you’ll learn more about All Things Possible Ministries (ATP) and the work we do on a global scale to identify and restore victims of trauma. This Anti-Trafficking Awareness Course or Sex Trafficking Awareness Course is an effort to reduce the likelihood of exploitation and to train others to recognize and report suspected trafficking.

Module Two: The Victims, The Buyers and The Traffickers

In this module, we’ll identify three main groups of people associated with trafficking: the victims, the buyers and the traffickers. Sex trafficking can look a multitude of ways, every pimp/trafficker and victim has a unique story. The only common factor is that no one is immune. This crime affects those from every socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity and background.

Module Three: The Exploitation Cycle

The exploitation cycle is a general cycle that takes place with the crime of trafficking and while it will not be identical in each situation, having a general understanding may help you recognize red flags and respond to situations that you would not have normally questioned.

Module Four: Indicators of Sex Trafficking

From tattoos to branding and other terminology, we’ll talk about the language and marks commonly used in trafficking.

Module Five: Wrap Up and Closing Thoughts

While research reveals plenty of minor demographic differences among groups of sex buyers, we have very little data that provides insights to predict who is or who will become a sex buyer and why. We cannot write a set demographic profile for a sex buyer. Ninety-nine percent of sex buyers are male and they come from every walk of life. He could be any age or race, earn at any income level, or be in any type of relationship. Demographic traits are poor predictors of sex buying.

The bottom line: there is no one profile of a sex buyer.


5 Video Modules

15-25 Minutes Each

Informational Course Guide

Your Instructor, Jeff Tiegs.

Jeff Tiegs is a Counter Terrorism and Counter Insurgency Expert with over 25 years of service in the U.S. Army Special Operations. He is an accomplished speaker and trainer with recurring teaching opportunities at Harvard, Stanford and MIT, but he really likes to focus on training Law Enforcement and communities that want to join in protecting the vulnerable.

LT. COL. (Retired)

Ranger Special Forces

10 Years USASOC

5X Bronze Star Recipient

Silver Star, Valor in Combat

“ATP truly is skilled at what they do and they do it out of the goodness of their hearts with unwavering dedication to our country’s safety and security. Simply put – their work enables us to close the case, impact lives for the better, and move on to the next one!”

Daniel L. Tebo Jr.
Deputy United States Marshal

Don’t Let Sex Traffickers Exploit Your Child.

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