Trafficking Victim Turned Recruiter

Next up in our trafficking series, we want to share the story of a young girl on the tragic path from innocent teen to trafficking victim to controller of a pimp’s “stable” to online recruiter and groomer of innocent young girls.

The female predator, pimpstress or madame is not a new trend in the trafficking world, but it is somewhat more challenging to identify.

At the age of 18, Texas teen “B” celebrated a huge job promotion in the trafficking world. Her pimp promoted “B” to his “bottom.” This is a prized position that infers trust on behalf of the pimp. It is also important to note that because of the trust involved, this is not a position a new girl would be offered. Therefore, it is not hard to deduce that “B’s” pimp had been trafficking her as a minor.

Think of it: What does anyone have to fear from a young mother befriending another female gamer? This sets a perfect condition for “B,” and others like her, to overcome apprehension and fear in their potential victims. 

Like most people her age, “B” enjoys the world of online gaming and anime. From what our analysts have determined, “B” never stopped engaging in this pastime. Now in her early twenties with a young child, “B” uses this forum to select young girls, befriending and grooming them into the sex trade.

Parents need to be educated and aware of all the means predators use to locate, groom and sell minors in the sex trade.

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