“Think Orphan” Interview with Victor Marx and Phil Darke (Part 2 of 2)

By February 8, 2017Blogs

Episode 39: Victor Marx – Dealing with Trauma in Prisons, Schools, Refugee Camps, ISIS Victims, and Your Own Backyard (Part 2)

“In Part 2 of this two-part interview, we continue talking with Victor about his incredible story, his work with at-risk youth in the US and Iraq, the effects of trauma on children and adults, and much more.” – Phil Darke, Co-host of Think Orphan Podcast and President of Providence World

Victor Marx Quotes from Part 2

  • “I’ll tell you what this film is going to do. It’s going to stop people from spiraling downwards. It will arrest them in their dysfunctional way of living. It will save marriages. And it will stop young and old from killing themselves because of lack of hope.”
  • “22 veterans are dying per day because of trauma — how the movie will help this from happening at this rate”
  • “I don’t like messing with fear. It is an energy sucker and it is debilitating. On the other hand, danger… danger is real. But danger you can prepare for, you can deal with, and trust God with the rest.”
  • “I’ve seen kids face to face. I’ve held the hands of an 8 year old girl that was held for seven months by ISIS. That changes things. You know. You feel the sweat of their hands in yours. You see the reflection of terror of what they experienced in their eyes . . . That’s why we keep going back. . . . That’s why we’re moving to the region to set up stuff [to help] . . . That’s why we’ll never stop helping.”