The things of this world are fatal but they are not final

By March 9, 2017Blogs

These photos and report were received a few days ago not long after having been with my colleague Dave Eubank. I decided to post this to shake a few of you up to action of prayer or support or sharing with others who need to know what is happening here because of ISIS, and for the one American I heard on TV say, “ISIS? I don’t care. They’re not bothering me!” The man who said that is a cowardly weak-willed representation of many Americans who are soft and choose to be ignorant! How I wish I could have him hold the arm of the little girl and then tell the world on TB, “ISIS? I don’t care, they ain’t bothering me!” – Victor Marx

Dave Eubank Report

–The Iraqi forces supported by coalition air strikes and artillery, slowly forced ISIS back, killing most of the ISIS soldiers who were holding the hills. It became quiet and as we came over a ridge we saw a small farm down below. We went down to the farm and an ISIS fighter who had fled there blew himself up in a shed on the farm. As we carefully approached, a family emerged fearfully and the father greeted us in English. We told them that they had nothing to fear from us and that we only came to help. I said I was an American and that we loved his people. I asked if I could pray to God for and with them and the father agreed. I prayed in Jesus’ name for good things and a new life for them. The children who were afraid at first began to smile shyly. We talked with them and made friends and gave them some help for food. It was a bright spot in our day and we were all happy.

We then walked back up the hill and the family got into their tractor and trailer and began to drive off. They only made it a few hundred yards before they hit a land mind ISIS had laid. There was a big explosion and screams as the family was thrown into the air. We raced down the mountain to help. We all went to work, praying and treating the wounded. As we treated the casualties, I notices one of the Iraqi medics doing CPR on the youngest child, a girl about three years old. I went over to help but she died. I prayed and asked God to heal her. I thought, “My prayers must not be very effective and my faith is weak. But what else can I do?” Our land-cruiser ambulance drove down the hill to evacuate the wounded and we put the lifeless little girl in with her badly wounded mother. Everyone cried.

Iraqi family before the land mine: 

FBR/FTO medics treating the family: 

Iraqi doctor and militia leader treat badly wounded little girl:

The three year old that died:

Monkey, FBR pastor and Iraqi soldier walk with the children after the explosion:

As we walked up the hill, I turned to Monkey, our team pastor, and said, “That is why ISIS must be stopped. That is why people need to fight them. We pray their hearts will change but if not, they should die.”

That night, as I went to sleep, I asked God to show me His truth on all this. The next day, I was up before dawn and prayed and read my Bible. I got the same message and meaning in every reading, “Vengeance is Mine says the Lord; I will repay.”

I confessed to God that I wanted to exact vengeance and gave that up to Him. I felt suddenly free and light. I was still sad but I was free. Free to love, free to pray, free to fight if and when God directed, free to heal, free to keep going and free from the false duty of vengeance.

Today, as we talked up the hills and past the now empty farm below, I thought, “Please be with and heal that family and let them see a vision of their little girl in heaven. Give them comfort and hope. Thank You Lord for Your patience with me, thank You I do not have to carry the weight of vengeance. You will do it. We only have to be your servants and do as you direct each day. I ask all this in Jesus’ name.”

As I type this, I remembered I had prayed earlier for this family. It seems many times my prayers are not very effective. But what else can we do? Jesus said to keep asking and keep trusting God. So we have a choice. Give up or keep hoping, praying and trying. The things of this world are fatal but they are not final. We can be sad and live well. I believe we will see that little girl in heaven. Until then we can walk with God so that His will is done on earth as it is in heaven.

Dear friends, thanks for being in this with us, here in Iraq and also in Burma, Syria, Kurdistan and Sudan.

– Dave Eubank and Teams – Free the Oppressed (FTO)

PS: Dave and the FTO Team will soon be back at our Teams’ Safe House that many of you ATP folks have provided to allow those of us who needed a place to go to rest and plan the next operations in the region. Thank you for praying and in God’s way bring light into such darkness and Hope and healing to those who need their hearts free because of the evil ISIS has done. Pray for Dave, his family and teams; this type of High Risk Missions work for God can get next to you and wear you out.

I hated posting this reality, HATED!! But every time I shut my laptop, I kept hearing if I don’t share the Truth in my circle of influence, who will? Please help me share this and help us put smiles on children’s faces and hearts again.

Victor Marx