The Trauma To Triumph Story of Victor Marx.

About Victor Marx

From Victim to Victor.

At the age of 5, Victor was molested and left in a commercial cooler to die. He endured a childhood marked with physical and sexual abuse, multiple stepfathers, 14 schools and 17 different houses.

Hear Victor share his own powerful story like you’ve never heard it before.

9m, 12s


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This 3rd Edition of Victor’s Story continues to bring hope and healing to those who have suffered childhood trauma here in the US. Victor also brings hope to the Middle East to those affected by ISIS from the small child to the most influential in the Muslim world. New photos of actual footage in Iraq and amazing opportunities given to Victor. A Must Read!

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Fast Facts.

Overcoming a childhood marked by abuse, Victor has accomplished more than many would have ever imagined.

7th degree black belt in Cajun Karate Keichu.

The world’s fastest gun disarmer.

An accomplished author and filmmaker.

Personal Endorsements

Words From Friends.

  • "Victor Marx is a true warrior and combatives instructor and any military unit would benefit from his instruction and techniques."

    Sergeant Major Greg "Ironhead" Birch U.S. Army (Ret.), Service included 75th Ranger Regiment and the 1st SFOD-D
  • "Victor Marx is the real deal. He is a PTSD survivor who now fearlessly uses his knowledge and experience to help others overcome!"

    Maj. Gen (Ret.) William K. Fuller Former Deputy Commanding General of I Corps, U.S. Army
  • "His honesty and forthrightness are unquestionable. I believe in Victor Marx and his mission. I hope that you will be touched by his commitment like I have."

    Frank Shamrock 5X UFC Undefeated Champion

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In TRIGGERED, renowned trauma expert Victor Marx, himself a victim of PTSD, takes the viewer on a journey of hope, uncovering causes, symptoms and treatment options for trauma victims. Unscripted, raw and authentic interviews of victims and medical experts reveal how those suffering from trauma can be freed from its life-crippling effects.


Official Bio

Victor Marx.

Victor Marx is a high risk humanitarian with successful missions to Iraq, Syria, North Africa and Southeast Asia – many times in non-permissive and high threat environments, helping orphans and widows.

Severely abused and tortured as a child, by the time he graduated from high school, his lifestyle was filled with drugs, fights and theft. The discipline of military life and faith in God helped him recover from his traumatic childhood and empowers him to help others. Today, Victor focuses his attention to the plights of those affected by ISIS, troubled juvenile offenders, and supporting military personnel from all branches including the special operations community.

Victor challenges his audiences to maintain and build spiritual health. He believes in the importance of the faith community in the military and mixes humor with raw reality stories of survival and redemption to encourage a resilient lifestyle.

Victor has been married over 34 years and has five children and five grandchildren. He has learned and teaches his approach to build successful relationships while excelling professionally, and has helped more than 45,000 children.