The Third Option

The world is in a current struggle to effectively slow extremist growth and diminish the effects of it with little to no solid answers for the widespread fear and turmoil that come with it.

Question: What are we to do to protect ourselves and loved ones and our very way of life?
Answer: The THIRD Option

The Third Option:  A counter messaging effort that shares a message many Middle Eastern people have never heard!  That Faith, Love and the Truth of the incredible value that God places on each person is a way of life and is an alternative to hatred, death and fear.

Extremist groups around the world exploit youth and persecute any man, woman or child who does not believe their ideals. They push violence and hate where ever they go.

Military engagement is not going to change generational and systemic doctrine that teaches hate and divisiveness.  It will keep us safe from tangible threats, but will not sow any seeds of long-term reform.

Political engagement will not change pre-conceived and long taught messages of conquering and dominating people of different faiths and beliefs.  It will negotiate temporary agreements and possible concessions, but it will not change generational beliefs.

We believe in a Third Option!  The most powerful messaging that mankind has ever known and the most impactful to individuals, groups and communities….. that Love of other humans beings is possible and is an alternative, which allows for growth in families, prosperity and reconciliation.  This is no small effort, but every seed is a tiny beginning of life-giving fruit, if only it is planted, cultivated and harvested.  ATP Ministries believes in the power of this Third Option and will do everything we can to spread the message as powerfully and as far as we can.

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