The End is Near

At my construction job today we will finish a deck that we have been building for a couple of weeks. We were using a prototype system of attaching the deck boards that makes it easier on the installers; we were the first to use it in practice so the learning curve and bugs added some extra time to the process. The people we are working for love Jesus and are recent transplants from California — so lunch times seem to get extended due to fellowship discussions. This project took twice the time to complete that it should have.

But when we are done, there will be a brand new 400 square foot second story deck facing Pike’s Peak. The structure will be beautiful and the view for this family and all that they have visiting will be spectacular. This parallels Paul’s writing in his first letter to the church at Thessalonica. He is constantly reminding these mostly non-Jewish believers of their secured hope of heaven because of their faith in Jesus. It’s an amazing thing they are experiencing as they are growing in Him, but when He returns to take all His followers home to heaven, now that will be a sight to see.

We are extremely blessed to be involved in what the Lord is doing through ATP. Let’s enjoy the time that He has us here knowing that the end of our labors will be much more amazing than an extremely enjoyable journey here.

“The end of a thing is better than its beginning; The patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.” ~ Ecclesiastes 7:8 NKJV

God bless us all as we seek to do His will today and always.

Chaplain Chaz Yandall


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