Standing Out in Modern Times: Guest Blog

By April 4, 2017Blogs

Beautifully expressed by the 17-year-old daughter of our good friends… – Victor and Eileen Marx

Standing Out in Modern Times

by Kelsey Joy Matheson

In this day and age, it seems like everyone cusses. The age kids start using foul words continues to get younger and younger, and it saddens me! I was raised in a family where we’re not allowed to cuss, or even use words like “heck”, “freak”, and “gosh” as stand-ins (however, I made up “oh my squash” to get around the issue behind not being able to say “gosh”.) I’ve never had the desire to curse, and therefore never have in my life. Some people call me a “goody two-shoes” or “innocent”. I’m not dumb, and I know what a lot of the bad words are, but I just choose not to say them.

I’m a Christian, and that’s one of the main reasons why I don’t curse. Of course, I know for a fact that a large majority of my Christian friends cuss, and nowhere in the Bible does it say it’s a sin to curse. But the reason why I don’t curse is because I personally believe you can’t truly stand out and shine as a light for Christ if you’re doing everything the world is doing, and not sticking out in any way.

Because I don’t curse, it draws attention to me, and makes people notice I’m different. I want to lead a good example, and something as simple as choosing other, nicer words to express yourself is a wonderful way to show you’re different! I don’t hate people who use profanity, of course not, but I really don’t think it’s necessary, especially if we as Christians want to set a good and godly example to others around us.

Another thing that makes me different from a lot of other girls in these modern times, is the way I dress. Now this of course, is not meant to rip on anyone’s opinions or styles. This is merely my opinion. I’ve never worn shorts above my knees, and I’ve never worn revealing clothing. This is, once again, my own personal opinion, but I believe dressing modestly is also a wonderful way to stand out. I don’t mean covering yourself head to toe, but I believe true beauty shines from within, and I don’t need to wear revealing clothes to receive attention from people, when the only opinion that really matters is God’s. I think of my body as very precious and special, and I want to save all of it for my future husband. I don’t feel like flaunting it to get attention from other people is the best way to do that. (Plus, cute and colorful v-neck t-shirts and bermuda shorts are so comfy and low maintenance!)

Being a Christian, to me, means to set a good example for others by being different than other people around you. I try to be kind and encouraging to everyone I meet. I want to be different in a small and subtle way that makes people say, “What’s different about her?” I know I’m far from perfect, but I pray every day that God works in me to shine for Him in my own unique way! Never be afraid to be different. It just might change someone’s life.