ATP Orphanage

ATP is starting a small orphanage in Iraq to help children lost and displaced due to the war. Iraq is facing a chronic problem of orphaned and lost children as ISIS occupation comes to an end. Click below to learn more.


House of Refuge is an extension of ATP ministries helping rescue trafficked women in Cambodia.

Reach Persecuted Families In Iraq

Join ATP Ministries to help families in desperate need of help. These families have had to flee there homes in Northern Iraq. ATP hopes to help them with basic necessities and support.

Lion & The Lamb Initiative

Help ATP bring trauma relief to children affected by war in Iraq & Syria. Learn more about our important and powerful comfort toy that brings happiness to children in need.

DC Outreach Fund

A New ATP Office for Outreach can now be in Washington D.C. with your help!

The THIRD Option

ATP Ministries and Victor Marx need your prayers and assistance in thwarting the evil being conducted on innocent youth and people around the world…