Victor Marx reaches the broken and troubled in nations around the world. He is widely renowned as a speaker, organizational leader, high-risk humanitarian and global missionary. Victor’s dramatic testimony, challenging background and incredible experiences inspire millions of people each year.


Government Leaders

Congressman Franks serves on the House Judiciary Committee and the House Armed Services Committee. He co-chairs the Orphans and Vulnerable Children Caucus as well as the Congressional Caucus on Adoption and the International Religious Freedom Caucus. He recently endorsed Victor in front of Congress, view his special order HERE.

Military Leaders

william“Victor Marx is one of the top martial artists in the country. I have never seen anybody with faster hands than Victor! It’s almost beyond your ability to see what he is doing when he goes into action!  (He) has written one of the most fascinating books I have ever read about how God can take a broken life and redeem it for His purposes. You will cry, laugh and rejoice as you read it… Thank God for Victor and his ministry.”

LT General (Ret.) William G. Boykin; Former Commander of U. S. Army Special Forces; Founding Member of Delta Force; Kingdom Warriors Ministry

Victor-Marx-Web-2016-“Victor lived through experiences that both toughened and matured him. You would expect him to be a little on the mean side. However, Victor has a tender heart. He knows what it is like to bear the scars of life’s unpleasant surprises and he is committed to helping others prepare for those challenges. I wholeheartedly recommend that you engage Victor Marx.”

Gary Walsh, LT Colonel (Ret.) U. S. Army

seal“Victor Marx is a breed of warrior that can inspire all of us to action.  I saw Victor at an event at my church where the presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong, that every word spoken was deep, hard-hitting, and just what men of faith need to hear.  Fathers, husbands, and sons have been banding together like the brothers we are to fight the evil that continues to grow in our world.  Men of character, love, compassion, and courage are called to serve our King, and ATP Ministries is showing us how it’s done.  Men and women in prison need to hear the Good News that they are forgiven and become new creatures in Him. Victor’s courage to do this is extremely inspirational to me, calling me to action too.”

Randy Kelley, Former Navy SEAL Sniper and Entrepreneur – San Diego, CA

david-hansen“I know I have faced my share of adversity.  After 14 years in the SEAL teams and many deployments downrange to both Afghanistan and Iraq, one thing I know for sure is that sometimes life can be tough.  When you choose such a life you expect adversity and if you’re not ready for it you’re not preparing the way you should.  I recently met Victor Marx and he shared his story of the trials and adversity he faced starting at age 5 and continuing throughout his childhood.  I still can’t put into words the many different emotions I‘ve felt trying to comprehend what he must have gone through.  The terror, the pain, the hopelessness:  how does a child prepare for that?  There is no schooling, no instruction that can prepare us for such things at such a young age.  Yet despite everything he endured he continued to press forward, to fight, and to persevere.  I am a better man for knowing him and I am thankful to count Victor Marx a friend and a brother.”

Senior Chief David A. Hansen, Navy SEAL, Sailor of the Year – 2007

Professional Athletes

Victor Marx Web 2016-39“Victor Marx is a true human being. His honesty and forthrightness are unquestionable. His belief and passion for our youth is honorable. I believe in Victor Marx and his mission. I hope that you will be touched by his commitment like I have.”

Frank Shamrock, 5X UFC Undefeated Champion and Actor

cowboys“As a former Air Force A-10 fighter pilot and Super Bowl Champion with the Dallas Cowboys, I appreciate toughness, grit, perseverance, and being a leader of men.  Victor not only exemplifies those traits, but he exemplifies the greatest trait a man can personify — he is a humble man who loves the Lord.  He has utilized all the pain early in his life for God’s greater good. He is a man who lives by God’s promise that “All things work for the good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.”  I highly recommend Victor as a husband, as a father, as a friend, and as a mighty man of God.”

Chad Hennings, A-10 pilot, 45 missions in Northern Iraq in Operation Provide Comfort; 3 X Super Bowl Champion with the Dallas Cowboys; Founder Wingmen Ministries

Victor Marx Web 2016-29“Growing up in Los Angeles, CA, seconds away from where the 1992 LA riots started, I needed ways to stay out of trouble. With few after-school programs and lots of free time, I often found myself exposed to the negative aspects of the inner city. Victor Marx has truly been a blessing to the community and to me. He has helped me to improve and become a better son, father, husband, and man.”

Kevin Burnett, NFL Linebacker

bill-2“It was great meeting the other day. I started your book. Wow, what a story! I can honestly say I was inspired by what you went through.”

Bill Romanowski, NFL Linebacker; 4 Super Bowl Championships

Christian Media

Victor Marx Web 2016-44“I have known Victor for a number of years and his heart for those who find themselves in apparent hopelessness has not changed. His testimony and work through All Things Possible continues to bring light and hope into the darkness of those in captivity.”

Del Tackett, Architect and Teacher of The Truth Project; Senior Correspondent and Co-Host for CrossExamine.com

Victor Marx Web 2016-40“Victor is a valiant Warrior for Christ who simply commands attention without saying a word. Talk about “street cred!” What he can do for the kids in The System is so unique and critical. I like to think of Victor as our own little version of Michael the Archangel. God Bless Victor Marx!”

Frank Pastore, The Frank Pastore Show – 99.5 FM KKLA Los Angeles before his Home-going… Miss you, Brother!  Victor

Victor Marx Web 2016-37“What’s amazing is that Victor survived his childhood and what is even more amazing is that the Lord is using him now to reach so many hurting youth.”

Dr. James Dobson, Founder – Focus on the Family; Host – Family Talk Radio

Community Leaders

Victor Marx Web 2016-30“Victor Marx and his ministry provide living testament that with faith in God, all things are indeed possible. Victor is not only a master of martial arts and the dynamics of physical power; he is a master of the spiritual power of the word of God. He has the unparalleled ability to teach troubled youth to open their hearts to the blessings of life through their own spiritual awakening. Victor reaches them by revealing his own incredible experiences in life in his unique and powerful blend of personal wisdom and humor, which showcase the true majesty of life and the infinite power of finding your redemption in the Lord. Victor is living proof that there is hope for all who seek it, truth for all who believe it, and salvation for all who choose it.”

Mark Wright, Chief of Police (Retired) – Murrieta California Police Department

Victor Marx Web 2016-47“When you talk with Victor Marx you immediately sense the love of Jesus in him and his genuine kindness towards others. But please don’t mistake Victor’s kindness for weakness because he is one serious “Cajun” warrior. Victor is a world class martial artist and champion who uses his talents as well as his own personal adversities to share the love of Christ and the message of forgiveness with troubled youth. For the past many years, Victor has led hundreds of incarcerated kids to the Lord. Victor is a Godly man with a humble spirit, who serves the Lord. Murrieta is truly blessed to have his ATP Cajun Karate Training Academy and “All Things Possible” Ministry as part of the community. I am honored to call Victor Marx my friend.”

Mike Baray, Chief of Police (Retired)– Murrieta California Police Department

Pastors & Ministry Leaders

nick“[Victor Marx] One of my most passionate fellow travelers on the evangelical road, whose story is remarkable… Victor told me that he and I have much in common except that my disability challenges are quite visible while his are hidden from sight, locked inside his mind and spirit… People often say they don’t know how I’ve created such a meaningful and fulfilling life despite my lack of limbs. Yet I am blessed in more ways than I can count. I think life would be far more difficult for someone who lacks a loving family like the one I had. Sadly, Victor grew up in a broken home, and it is no wonder that he once felt broken himself.”

Nick Vujicic in his book, Unstoppable; Life Without Limbs Ministry

“Victor Marx is a warrior for Christ and one of the strongest and most courageous men of God that I know. He exemplifies leadership in ways that defy words and his contribution to be one of our foremost speakers at our Kingdom Men’s Gatherings has been nothing short of incredible.”

Frank Sontag, President, Kingdom Men’s Gathering 

Victor Marx Web 2016-25“I’ve known Victor and his family personally for many years. They’re the real deal! We’ve done outreaches with them in our church numerous times and the result has always been the same – Changed lives! Their work in the prisons with young incarcerated youth is also essential as they seek to reach a group of kids often forgotten. Thank you Victor for your work!”

Ron Hindt, Sr. Pastor – Calvary Houston, Texas

avatar“I’m not sure if a true life story can be more honest and relate better to hurting people than Victor’s story. He presents a kaleidoscope of deep emotional pain, joy, disappointment and hope which flashes across the pages of ‘The Victor Marx Story: With God All Things Are Possible.’ If you have ever suffered in life, young or old, God can bring hope and healing through this book!”

Bill Stonebraker, Author & Senior Pastor – Calvary Chapel Honolulu, Hawaii

greg“I have known Victor Marx a long time. His passion for Jesus Christ is genuine and strong, and God is using him to touch many lives. Victor is a great model of what God can do in and through a life dedicated to His glory. I commend his ministry to you.

Greg Laurie, Pastor/Evangelist – Harvest Christian Fellowship/Harvest Crusades

Victor Marx Web 2016-43“Victor Marx is on ‘the cutting edge’! He’s a Sharp Servant that will cut quickly to the Heart of Life, deep into the real issues of day to day living. Victor’s open and forthright approach affords him a listening audience with some of the most challenging groups of people in need of The Lord’s Touch. These are folks that others avoid. But not Victor Marx. He’s on a Mission and God has His hand upon him.”

Dr. Dennis “The Swan” Swanberg, Author and Speaker – Swanberg Ministries Monroe, Louisiana

Victor Marx Web 2016-24“I have known Victor for over 10 years and have watched with great joy as God has raised him up to be a light in darkness, a wounded warrior who is changing the lives of thousands. He has spoken numerous times at Mountain Springs and The Road. He has been used by God to set so many captives free. Our world needs true life, authentic, robust men of God who have been shackled by Satan and set free. Victor does just that. With humor, realism, and power, God is using Victor’s story—both live and in his new movie—to bring hope and healing to thousands. I highly recommend Victor and his movie.”

Dr. Steve Holt, Founder, Lead Pastor – The Road Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Victor Marx Web 2016-46“In Victor and Eileen Marx I have observed firsthand the fruit of both the character of Christ in their lives and the evangelistic fruit in their ministry. They have a true gift of evangelism, matched with a passionate fire to reach out to youth that have been marginalized by drugs, gangs, or by being born into adverse circumstances. As with Jesus, they have been anointed to preach good news to the poor, to bind up the broken-hearted, the recovering of sight to the blind, and the setting of prisoners free. (Luke 4:18)”

Danny Lehmann, Evangelism Representative – Youth With A Mission International Honolulu, Hawaii

avatar“We live in an age where we would be shocked to learn of the number of individuals who have experienced violent or sexual abuse who silently suffer the residual pains in our congregations. The Victor Mark Story is, I believe, a must-see for our generation. The movie instills hope for those greatly wounded by traumatic life events, while the power of forgiveness is clearly revealed. This true and touching story of one man’s journey to find the healing and hope that can only come from God is a great tool to help others find hope and healing both in and outside of the church! I highly recommend it!”

Barry Stagner, Sr. Pastor – Calvary Chapel Tustin, California

avatar“I have had the blessing of knowing Victor Marx for over twenty years, and I never cease to be amazed at how God uses him in so many different ways to reach out to so many people across all walks of life! His transparency and sincerity in Jesus allow him to be incredibly effective as a minister for the gospel, especially with the youth of this new generation! I am grateful for his friendship and I look forward to watching God’s continued hand of blessing in his life.”

Joey Buran, Sr. Pastor – Worship Generation Fountain Valley, California

Victor Marx Web 2016-36“In the last 15 years, I have been privileged to be the director here at Calvary Chapel Christian Camp, I have seen very few speakers connect and captivate the students the way Victor does with the message of hope that is the heart of the Gospel. Whether it is the tongue in cheek Cajun humor or foot to face martial arts demos, Victor is a rare combination that grabs the kids and delivers the knockout that is “Christ in you the hope of Glory” of Col. 1:27. Whether it is from the pulpit, podium, platform or playground, I could not recommend more highly the ministry that Victor has through “All Things Possible.” We consider it a wonderful investment to support his ministry as our urban missionary to the locked up and lost in the juvenile correctional facilities around the U.S., as well as a valiant warrior for the souls of our kids here at camp.”

Jeff Gill, Sr. Pastor – Calvary Chapel of Running Springs, California; former Assisting Pastor, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa (23 years) and Christian Camp Director (20 years.)

Victor-Marx-Web-2016-1“We watched the Victor Marx Story… very well done and very powerful! I know it was gut-wrenching stuff but you are right – to find out God’s redemptive perspective on what we go through, He sometimes takes us back through the dark passages of our lives with the Light of Life lifted high. God is not affected by our darkness. There is not even a shadow in Him and His promise is to make all things new. Thanks for being a loud testimony to the Truth – He is the Resurrection and the Life. The works of the Adversary can be undone and those parts of us that were killed by his evil works will be rejuvenated. Flesh for the dry bone and breath for the vacuum of death. That suction is swallowing whole generations of babies and children right now. Thank you for hearing the call to go after them!”

Terry and Nancy Clark – Catalyst Ministries San Clemente, California

Victor Marx Web 2016-45“Over the years, we have had Victor Marx share his wonderful ministry with our youth, as well as our annual men’s conference, and I would like to say that his personal relationship with Jesus Christ is most definitely reflected in his commitment to today’s youth. He has such a unique style and ease in his presentation, and we have been blessed to see many respond as he shares of God’s goodness and mercy at our youth outreaches. We love him, and recommend his ministry without reservation.”

David Rosales, Sr. Pastor – Calvary Chapel Chino Valley, California

Victor Marx Web 2016-26“Victor Marx speaks from his heart with passion, conviction and the truth that Jesus’ death and resurrection was the power in his life that empowered him to overcome the extreme abuse he suffered as a child at the hands of those who should have loved and protected him. Together with his extensive skill of martial arts, self-effacing humor and sincere love for the lost, he impacts and inspires all who hear him speak. I highly recommend you invite him to your church and allow God to use him to minister to and set the captives free who have either suffered the same as he as a boy, or were even the abuser.”

Ray Bentley, Sr. Pastor – Maranatha Chapel San Diego, California

Victor Marx Web 2016-35“Victor Marx is unique. Almost a perfect combination of Chuck Norris and Don Knotts. As a martial artist he is rather a “lethal clown”. As a minister of the Gospel he is likewise so very effective while being incredibly entertaining. I have seen audiences cut deeply to the heart by his delivery of the Word and his testimony and seen them weep while they laugh.”

Ken Graves, Sr. Pastor – Calvary Chapel Bangor, Maine

Victor Marx Web 2016-34“Victor Marx has left an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of our congregation. Weeks after he taught for our Sunday services, I still heard our congregation speaking about how Victor’s testimony impacted their life. It was our joy and honor to host our friend, Victor!”

Pancho Juarez, Sr. Pastor – Calvary Chapel Montebello, California

Victor-Marx-Web-20163“When Victor shares his story, people of all ages respond to Jesus Christ. Many young people and adults easily relate to Victor’s openness in sharing his story.”

Wayne Atcheson, Director – Billy Graham Library

avatar“I met Victor and Eileen at the recording of Life Today with James Robison. I had an instant connection with Victor.  His powerful and emotional story is inspiring and evidence of God’s grace. Victor has done the difficult part by making the changes necessary to live a healthy and productive life! It is exciting to me when I meet a man that I admire immediately. Victor has real-world credibility that he uses for God’s glory.”

Charles S. Lowery, Ph.D. President, Lowery Institute for Excellence – Speaker, Author

avatar“The interview with Victor Marx on our Life, Love and Family radio program was one of the most powerful stories and interviews we have ever done. What an amazing story of redemption and forgiveness; of healing and hope that he found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. His All Things Possible Ministries to help youth and others find the same hope and overcome abuse, abandonment, PTSD, etc. is to be commended.  Truly God never wastes a wound…”

Dr. Tim Clinton, President – American Association of Christian Counselors

avatar“Pastors, I want to encourage you to come and see the newly released film, “The Victor Marx Story: When Impossible is the Only Way Out”. We just showed it at our church and literally had a line of people wrapped around our campus waiting to get in. It’s difficult to live a hellish story, but retelling it is even more difficult and a very emotional undertaking. Only God can bring such beauty out of abuse, triumph out of tragedy, and such fragrance from a trodden rose petal. Come see how Victor’s story of unfolds.”

Brian Bell, Sr. Pastor – Calvary Chapel Murrieta, California

Business Leaders

Victor Marx Web 2016-42“Victor, we owe you a debt of gratitude for the outstanding work you are doing.”

Drayton McLane, Owner of Houston Astros

Victor Marx Web 2016-33“His mesmerizing, caring, and genuine personality has troubled youth falling in line to give their life to Christ. It’s simply miraculous! This is why we support him.”

Paul J. Meyer, Founder of Success Motivation International Inc., 40+ companies; New York Times best-selling author.

(now Home with the Savior he loved.  Honored to have his endorsement!)

Victor Marx Web 2016-38“A.T.P. Ministries is there for those lost, that few have hope for, and where fewer are willing to go.”

Gary Heavin, Founder of Curves Int’l


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