Social Media and Escort Ads Lead to Trafficking Victim

Social Media and Escort Ads Lead to Trafficking Victim

Our team recently identified a potential California trafficking victim we will call “K.”

“K” attended a local Christian High School and even made the basketball team as a freshman. Early social media pictures showed a happy, young and healthy girl surrounded by her friends.

But then her outlook changed. 

Fast forward a couple of years and this girl’s appearance changed. Our analysts uncovered images in escort ads that were warning signs “K” had become a victim of trafficking. We quickly surmised that her seemingly harmless new tattoos had a much deeper, more sinister meaning. 

Pimps often act as real-life wolves in sheeps’ clothing when they target young girls from Christian communities. They understand these girls can be easily manipulated and controlled by the shame, guilt, and fear of exposure to family and community. We believe this is likely the situation “K” has found herself in. 

Today, “K” is approximately 21-years-old. This formerly bright, young Christian student is still trapped in “the life,” dictated and controlled by her pimp.

Our analysts passed “K’s” true identity to local law enforcement. Please join us in praying that police will bring her pimp to justice and that this young woman will be open to finding recovery and restoration.


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