The Victor Marx Show & Podcast.

The Victor Marx Show brings you real conversations facing life’s hard truths, stories of redemption and the latest from the frontlines.

Victor is well known for his humanitarian work around the world helping those affected by trauma. He is a courageous, tireless worker and minister for Jesus Christ, and an expert martial artist, film maker, husband, father and grand father.

The Victor Marx Show & Podcast

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At the age of 5, Victor was molested and left in a commercial cooler to die. He endured a childhood marked with physical and sexual abuse, multiple stepfathers, 14 schools and 17 different houses.

Hear Victor share his own powerful story like you’ve never heard it before.

9m, 12s

The All Things Possible Mission.

We accomplish our mission with time-tested, budget-friendly projects that make a lasting difference in the lives of those suffering from trauma.


Lion & Lamb Comfort Toys

We have delivered more than 41,000 L&L comfort toys to displaced children living in IDP camps.

House of Refuge

We provide housing, supplies and clothing for women who have been the victims of sex trafficking, abuse and domestic violence.

Project Restore

We provide medical and surgery support for children who have suffered life-threatening trauma and deformity.


Curriculum and Films

Our founder, Victor Marx, regularly speaks and distributes materials to men and women of the military suffering from PTSD.


Dignity Kits

We provide feminine products and personal items to women dealing with the realities of life in a war environment.

Help Us Help Them

With your support, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of those suffering from trauma.

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