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About The Course

Find Freedom From Pornography

Whether you’re simply curious about the dangers of pornography or have lost everything because of an addiction, you can benefit from this course. Joining Victor Marx is Joshua Broome, a former adult film star, to identify the shady practices and frightening statistics involved in the porn industry. Together, they give you a glimpse into their own journeys — from Victor’s experience with his father, who was a drug-dealing pimp, to Joshua’s thousands of hours on camera — as they dive deep into the root of this addiction and temptation. They don’t promise an easy fix, but they do offer hope.

Why This Course Matters

Pornography Destroys Lives.

Pornography Addiction Statistics

1 in 3

At least 1/3 of pornographic videos depict sexual violence or aggression. (Source:

Course Sessions

Module 1 - Know Your Enemy

Victor and Joshua explain some of the motives involved in porn use, the importance of self-awareness in getting free and some of the lies behind it.

Module 2 - Take Inventory

Examine your past, what might trigger your porn-watching and what needs you are trying to fulfill beyond physical gratification.

Module 3 - Create Healthy Boundaries

The instructors address the battlefield of the mind and the critical importance of not only accountability, but also the steps of avoidance that must be taken.

Module 4 - Do You Want to be Free?

Victor and Joshua review the ugly reality behind the fantasy, share some of their journeys to freedom and explain how to truly be set free from porn and other addictions.


4 Video Sessions

15-30 Minutes Each

4 Quizzes, Digital Workbook

Taught By Victor Marx

Victor is a high-risk humanitarian focused on helping widows, orphans, trafficking survivors and more. He’s led missions to Iraq, Syria, North Africa and Southeast Asia. Severely abused and tortured as a child, by the time he graduated from high school, he was using drugs, fighting and stealing. The discipline of military life and faith in God helped him recover from his traumatic childhood. Victor is a martial artist, author, podcast host and filmmaker, and is also known as the “world’s fastest gun disarm man.” He is a husband of 34 years, father and grandfather.

Also Featuring:

Joshua Broome

Joshua spent six years as one of the most successful adult film stars in the world. He obtained fame, wealth and traveled the globe, only to find out that none of those things would fill the emptiness in his heart. Today, he is a husband, father, preacher, podcast host and founder of Finding Hope Inc. He says God helped him overcome depression, suicidal thoughts and the emotional scars that came with doing 1,000+ pornographic films. He is passionate about sharing the message of restoration, which he believes is available to everyone.

Don’t Delay Your Freedom.

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