Post Traumatic Stress and PTSD Impacts Families!

When we hear “PTSD” or  “Post Traumatic Stress” many of us think of the challenges faced by military personnel when they return from hazardous duty.  Trauma caused by war is indeed difficult to deal with, but the problems caused by tragic events and personal loss isn’t limited to military personnel.  Families and individuals fall victim to PTSD as well.

Victor Marx’ ground-breaking film “Triggered” examined the impacts of PTSD on military personnel and their families.  Now he is back with “Triggered Too” a follow up feature documentary dealing with Post Traumatic Stress and PTSD on families. Triggered Too shares the stories of several every-day people and individuals stricken by loss and tragic circumstances and shows how they were able to bring hope and healing into their lives.

We Were Made to Heal

Triggered Too provides insights form leading behavioral experts into PTSD and shows that healing is absolutely possible. In fact, we were made to heal! Triggered Too presents the scientific data and research in a way that makes sense to those dealing with stress and PTSD and can help put individuals on a path to hope, healing and a better, healthier life.

Free Public Premier is Set!

PTSD and Post Traumatic Stress are difficult challenges. Here is one way to find hope!Triggered Too is scheduled for its social media release on Thursday, March 29 at 9:00pm Eastern Time and 6:00pm Pacific. 

We will be releasing the film via internet broadcast, free of charge. Just send an email to: and let us know your name and contact information and that you are interested in viewing the premier. We will provide access and login details as we get closer to March 29th.   This is a free event, so please invite others that you believe could benefit from seeing the film.

Host a Screening

PTSD can be a difficult subject for those struggling to deal with it.  It can be very effective when people join together for support. Church organizations or even individuals can host a screening for Triggered Too. To host a screening or gathering, just complete the Screening Form so we know where to send the login information. We will provide some helpful support and guidance to organizations that would like to provide this type of help to their communities. We even have promotional materials that you are free to download and use as you need to.

View Individually

Want to see Triggered Too just by yourself or with your family?  Not at all a problem.  Just send an email to and let us know your name and that you would like to see be part of the audienced.  We will provide login information to the email address from which we receive your request.

Triggered Too Trailer

How about a sneak preview of Triggered Too?  Take a look at the movie trailer!

Watching Over One Another

We are called to provide care and comfort for one another. If you know someone that is struggling with recovery from past trauma, please forward this article to them and invite them to see the release.

Viewers that saw the first release of Triggered Too reported some very personal impacts from the screening. Some even shared that family members had finally opened up about things that they had been emotionally dealing with for a very long time.  So we invite you to include others that you believe could benefit.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more information about screenings, discussions and about the Premier itself!


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