What We Do

Medical and Surgery Support.

We are reaching young children who have literally suffered life-threatening physical trauma at the hands of terrorists. We have strong partnerships and effective resources to provide crisis medical care to children who have no other options.

Meet Maryam

Shot by ISIS snipers, 12-year old Maryam was left for dead. After a miraculous recovery, she was left without her right eye.

Make A Difference

Save a Life.

Your donation is providing crisis medical care to children who have no other options.


Connect with the life-transforming stories that have both inspired and shaped our mission.

Stories of Transformation

Love in Action.


15-year old Mohammed was shot by an ISIS sniper, leaving him with significant trauma and complications. He needed surgery and stem cell transplants in order to save his life. Thanks to the support of the ATP family, he received two life-saving surgeries and is on the path to recovery.


5-year old Aisha was shot by an ISIS sniper. The bullet injured her leg and thigh, causing bone and nerve damage and required extensive surgical intervention. Thanks to the ATP family, she is currently awaiting surgery until a blood infection complication is under control.


Saja, a 11-year old girl, was injured during the liberation in eastern Mosul. She was with her family and got injured while they were crossed a street. ISIS fighters shot them directly, and everyone with her were killed except one other family member. Saja lives with her aunt and needs an operation to fully restore her arm.


Rania was 3-years old when she was burned in Mosul due to vehicle explosion caused by a firefight. Her house was destroyed. She received two surgeries in Mosul but they haven’t worked well. With your support, we can arrange for advance surgeries outside of Mosul and provide for her family that lives in squalid conditions.