Position on the Current Situation in Iraq and Syria

Mr. Victor Marx
All Things Possible
Victor Marx Group
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

October 11, 2019

Re: Position on the current situation in Iraq and Syria

Right now, the entire region in and around Iraq and Syria is extremely unstable –– and we know ISIS excels in chaos. Relations are further complicated by the joint occupation of allies and enemies in Syria and the surrounding areas.

After the capture of Saddam Hussein in 2003, the Iraqi people rejoiced. What followed next however quickly diminished all hopes of peace and stability. Iraq was flooded with corrupt political parties who sought revenge for years of suffering at the hands of the Iranians, for poverty, for homelessness and for being cut off from their families and friends.

Unfortunately, the United States government believed that these parties were the proper solution for a new Iraq, and they supported them in the formation of the new Iraqi government. As each day and year passed, the conditions in Iraq spiraled downward from bad to much worse. Corruption became unbearable in every aspect of the country’s life and it became very clear to the average Iraqi that many politicians did not care about the people. Many of these leaders put their interests ahead of their countrymen.

The situation in Iraq is a ticking bomb and it is going to explode any minute. People are in the streets with a passion to rid Iraq of the corrupt politicians. If they should succeed, their goal is to start over with newly elected leaders. Militias, empowered and funded by these politicians, stand in the way of their push for democracy. After years of external aid and support, these militias are more capable, more powerful and more heavily armed than Iraq security and military forces. A lot of blood will be shed during these protests. The Iraqis need a new Operation Iraqi Freedom, or they will once again turn to groups like ISIS for “liberation.”

You can support these demonstrators. You can support their true freedom and liberation. Post on your Facebook page or Twitter account that you support the new Iraq –– which will be brought about by the young people that are outside in the streets right now. Write about the corruption in the government that you have witnessed first-hand and share it in both languages, Arabic and English.

Call for United States politicians to stop their support of the Iranian government in Iraq –– a large percentage of the government in Iraq is loyal to the Iranian agenda. United States taxpayer money that supports Iraq is used improperly by the wrong people. Call for the support of the demonstrators and call for the United States government to take a stand to stop the violence against them in Iraq.

Shiite Militias have already killed many and more than 5,000 demonstrators have been injured by their brute force. While the world reacts to these atrocities, the United States media and the United States government remain largely silent.

In Syria, where our humanitarian organization All Things Possible Ministries also serves, I have long predicted that there would be a slaughter should United States military forces withdraw their troops. The Turks have waited for this moment for a long time and now, because the door has opened, many Kurds in northern Syria will suffer needlessly. Currently imprisoned and interned ISIS fighters and their families will escape confinement and move beyond prison and camp fences and return to areas throughout the Middle East or throughout Europe and wreak havoc. This move puts the United States at an increased risk of retaliation at the hands of revenge-filled and seasoned terrorists.

Recently I lead our team to Al-Hawl Refugee Camp in northeast Syria where more than 70,000 ISIS families are confined. The greatest threat in this camp and to the United States, and the world at-large, is the more than 50 countries of confined ISIS families represented here. If these fighters and their families are released, and not taken back to their country of origins to be tried and imprisoned, thousands will flee. When the camp gates open, the ISIS virus will spread more aggressively than ever before.


Victor Marx
All Things Possible Ministries and
The Victor Marx Group


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