What To Pack When Rescuing A Baby in ISIS Territory

What To Pack When Rescuing A Baby in ISIS Territory

What To Pack When Rescuing A Baby in ISIS Territory

K-9. Check. Diapers. Check. Guns. Check. Body Armor. Check. Bottle of Powdered Formula. Check. Axe. Check. Soothing Stuffed Lion & the Lamb Healing Toy. Check.

These are just a few of the items that got packed into Victor’s load out kit this week. Rescuing an orphan baby in hostile territory is not for the soft at heart, or maybe it is? It takes both extreme strength, bravery, and strategy alongside extreme tenderness, selflessness, and Christ-centered compassion to organize and successfully complete this type of mission.

It is ATP’s job to be the hands and feet of Christ and not only serve and rescue lives in Iraq, but also serve and rescue hearts for God. With that said, when Victor received a phone call from General Mustafa informing him that he knew there was an orphaned baby boy in need of help, he geared up for any and every threat that would prevent getting that innocent child out of harm’s way.

Meet the newest ATP team member, baby Ali.

His parents were trying to escape from deep in the heart of Mosul, with the help of a soldier, when they were all shot down by an ISIS terrorist. The only one to survive was this sweet baby boy. He is nearly a year old and has been honorably named after the soldier that died trying to help his family escape.

ATP will begin medical tests and treatment for a distended tummy and what is believed to be bronchitis and will have more updates soon.

We also have amazing news to share about the little ‘girl with no name’ (Demurah) that Victor and Eileen were caring for.  Victor and the team successfully located Demurah’s aunt and grandmother and she was safely, and legally, reintegrated back with her immediate family, thanks to the help of General Mustafa. This has been a bittersweet experience for Victor, Eileen and the ATP team and more updates will be shared as they are available.

If you would like to get involved in Victor and Eileen’s mission in Iraq and their goal of 5,000 July sponsorships please donate $30 to sponsor a child with one of these trauma packs today.

Lion & the Lamb Life Packs Include:

  • A soothing stuffed animal with audio music and prayers
  • Victor’s story of hope and healing in comic-style book in their language
  • A coloring book
  • Crayons
  • First aid kit
  • All housed in a multi-purpose drawstring bookbag


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