One of the best movies on forgiveness and hope

By April 7, 2017Blogs

My testimony film of what Jesus has done in and with my life (statistically 99.98% chance you might like it!)


After nearly half a million views on YouTube I am humbled by many of the comments like these recent ones:

  • Victor I saw you at the Ignite Men’s conference in Lynchburg and was amazed by your story and Thank you for the Triggered video I will be sharing it with my brothers. That led to this video and I just got to say you are a true man of God. To forgive such terror, wow only Jesus can bring that into a man. I am a Christian, I cried through most of this movie and said the prayer at the end because I have plenty of things I need to lay at the feet of God and not turn back to them. Thank you for your work.
  • Love you Victor.
  • I watched the movie and have prayed the prayer. More power to you Victor and glory be to God and Jesus who saves all us sinners.
  • I was watching this on my smartphone with headphones while my teenaged kids were watching television. About half way through I started to cry. What happened to you was much worse than my childhood. My father suffered heavy physical abuse as a child and practiced heavy psychological terror on my brothers and sisters. A few years ago he got Motor neuron disease. It’s an awful way to die. I thank God that I had got the opportunity for him to live with my wife and children when he first got the news after years of estrangement. I was able to forgive him before he died. Your story really meant something to me. Thank you for sharing your powerful story.
  • I am new on this channel in seeing this Powerful movie makes me think about my whole life God bless you Mr. Victor
  • God guided me to this video which answers a question I’ve been praying about a lot lately and to be honest I cried through most of this video. I just wanted to say thank you.
  • im an athiest but im very pleased to see religion help someone.

Praying my story gives you encouragement and perhaps for someone you know who is hurting and needs the Hope I found in Jesus.  – Victor Marx

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