12-year old Maryam was left for dead .

Maryam’s Story

She Was Supposed To Die.

When Maryam was just 12-years old, she and her family fled from an ISIS takeover in her hometown of Mosul, Iraq. During their daring escape, Maryam was shot in the back of the head by an ISIS sniper and left to die. It was supposed to be the end of Maryam’s life, but it was just the beginning of her miraculous story.

“They shot her in the street and her mother insisted I carry her, but I told her ‘Maryam is dead. How can we carry her? We have to keep moving.’ To this day, I mean, I can’t really understand it all.”

– Ahmad Samir Abdullah, Maryam’s Father

Alive, But Disfigured.


Believing she was dead, Maryam’s father picked her up and carried her through gunfire in hope of a proper burial for her. When he arrived to safety, he was astonished to discover that she was still alive.

Miraculously, Maryam went on to survive the gunshot, but she lost her right eye, and her face was badly disfigured.

A Path Forward.

When we first met Maryam, she had no vision in her right eye, and was badly disfigured from the bullet that passed through her head. She was in need of several surgeries that would cost more than her family could ever pay. Maryam’s father was jobless after an ISIS bomb destroyed his taxi, robbing the entire family of their livelihood. Our team was moved to action by her story, and we immediately asked the All Things Possible community for help.

Thanks to the incredible generosity extended by many of you, we were able to raise thousands of dollars to perform an initial series of four (4) surgeries for Maryam while she remained in Iraq.

Unfortunately, those surgeries were not successful. 

Maryam spent a lot of time with her cousins at her uncle’s house. She stopped going to school because the others said she was unpleasant to look at.


Maryam and Victor Marx during a trip to Iraq.

We Asked (Again), And You Responded.

A Life Changed, Forever.

Despite the disappointment of the failed surgeries in Iraq, we received an incredible outpouring of support and financial resources to continue our work with Maryam and her family. With the new resources, we were able to relocate Maryam to Amman, Jordan for several follow-up surgeries. This new series was focused on not only repairing some of the disfigurement, but also addressing many of the injury complications that previous surgeries were unable to repair.

$ 0 +

Raised by the All Things Possible community.


Total surgeries funded by All Things Possible.


Life that will never be the same.


“YES! Our special friend Maryam is undergoing additional treatment thanks to the flow of generosity that you started. She is in Jordan right now for the first of several more surgeries that will fix the complications she suffers after being injured with a blast to the eye while she escaped for her life.”

– Victor Marx, Founder of All Things Possible Ministries

The Story Continues

Project Restore.

We are reaching young children who have literally suffered life-threatening physical trauma at the hands of terrorists. We have strong partnerships and effective resources to provide crisis medical care to children who have no other options.