Long Days, Good Days…

We want to thank y’all for your prayers!

First of all, they helped us get to Israel. When the attack happened, we were praying about going, and somebody contacted us immediately. We prayed again and then we got an invitation to go within 72 hours.

We were able to pack up 1,200 lion and lambs — the trauma-healing tools that have music and prayers to lower anxiety. I’m just telling you it made the difference!

Not only did God open doors for us to visit with some of the women, children and families who were most affected by Hamas’ attack, but we also were able to go into Sderot — one of the heaviest hit communities outside Gaza. They just rolled in and started killing people, sending in missiles.

So we understand their pain firsthand.

God placed it on our heart to go and you made it possible, because we can’t do this without funding. Your prayers and support ministered to the Israeli people through us, by His grace, and God gets the glory.

From Eileen: And we know that He called us here to help and mourn with those who mourn, and love on those who feel like they have no hope, but we know God is in control.

Even though we know there are missiles going off, and the U.S. State Department is telling Americans to leave, we’re going to be here, because this is where God calls us.

Thank you so much for helping us get here.

We had a rabbi come up to us and ask, “Where are you from?” I said, “American. Colorado.” He said, “My gosh, thank you for coming here when everybody’s fleeing.”

I said we do it because of God’s love, and He calls us here. So we’ll do this work. We’re going to be doing it in waves. This is the first wave.

We’ve been on Israeli bases to help them prepare and get ready. I’m telling you, there have been some long days, but they’re good days, because we know we’re doing God’s will.

So to all of you, thank you. And to those of you who hate us and have expressed their hate — we bless them. The Lord tells us to pray for our enemies. No one will touch us apart from God’s will.

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” — Romans 12:21.


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