Little Girl With No Name (Update)

Little Girl With No Name (Update)

Former Marine, turned NGO Founder, Working on the Front Lines to Serve the Traumatized Children of Iraq.

Victor Marx, founder of All Things Possible Ministries (ATP), is a man of many skill sets. As a former Marine, martial arts master, and all around tough guy, it would be easy to let his seemingly gruff military disposition fool you into thinking he was all camo and Kevlar, but that simply isn’t true. He has a tender heart, bleeding and steadfast for rescuing and restoring persecuted Christians and traumatized children on a global scale, so much so that he actively risks his life and safety to reach the forgotten children of countless ISIS infiltrated regions.

Victor, with his wife, Eileen, left their everyday life to embark on this High-Risk Mission to reach children traumatized by their current war-torn reality, rescue persecuted Christian children and families, and relocate them to safe houses in bordering countries.

While they are executing strategic rescues of these high-risk individuals in Iraq and Syria, they are also providing several thousand trauma kits to children they come across in each village. The trauma kits, better known as Lion and the Lamb Life Packs, include 1 comforting stuffed animal (either a lion or a lamb) with recorded cultural music and prayers spoken in their native language, a small first aid kit, a coloring book, and a set of crayons, housed in a multi-purpose drawstring backpack. The pack also includes Victor’s life story of hope and healing in comic book format in the children’s language. The team has also been helping to deliver diapers and powdered milk to mothers and babies that have been left with nothing, as their villages are being liberated from ISIS detainment.

The ATP Team is currently tasked with escorting the small girl pictured below, better known as ‘The Girl with No Name’, to a safe house to receive the proper medical treatment she requires. She has no name, as of yet, because she was found hiding among dead bodies in a North-West Mosul village, where ISIS was gunning down all trying to escape. She has yet to speak to anyone due to the extreme trauma and loss of her entire family from that attack. The girl spent two days hiding under her deceased mother’s dress and only came out long enough to search for any water bottles left among the dead. Dave Eubank, another NGO partner, rescued her while under direct gun fire. 

The girl, alongside her caregiver, have been safely relocated to the ATP safe house and she is being treated for a distended stomach and discolored urine, they believe to be kidney related. The town’s makeshift hospital didn’t have the supplies required for proper treatment, so ATP is keeping a close eye on her recovery before moving forward.

There were major concerns for her well-being, as she has yet to speak and was only offering up a self-soothing hum, still in shock at the horrors she’s experienced over the past few days, but she has since shown glimmers of hope at the ATP home. She has been playing with bubbles, smiling and just began to giggle today.

There is hope and healing in this amazing story. Not only is the ATP team physically rescuing these sweet children out of harm’s way, they are rescuing their hearts, with God’s love. Victor’s team is in place to get this girl the medical treatment she requires and will do everything in their power, and with lots of prayer support, to get this sweet child the restoration and healing she deserves.

There is still a lot of hard work to be done! Victor and Eileen Marx, and the ATP team, are in great need of continued sponsorships to help fill the gaps and serve children like ‘the girl with no name’ and the countless traumatized children of Iraq and Syria across the next 90 days. Would you be interested in joining their #ATPRescueTeam? Donate $30 to sponsor a child today and help them reach their hopeful goal of 5,000 child sponsorships, by the end of this month!  Click the link below to donate and commit to sponsoring their cause today! The need is great, but God is greater.

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