Little Girl With No Name Update (She Has A Name!)

Little Girl With No Name (Update)

The Girl With No Name Has a Name (and You Won’t Believe It’s Meaning)

Recently, Victor Marx and All Things Possible Ministries shared the sobering story about the little Iraqi ‘girl with no name’, rescued in a small Mosul Village by Dave Eubank’s team. For those just learning this story, she was found hiding under her deceased mother’s hijab. She was among numerous people who were fleeing to freedom only to be gunned down by ISIS. Based on further investigation, they discovered her mother was pregnant and was just a week away from delivering. For three days, the little girl survived under the safety of that hijab, only to venture away from her mother’s side long enough to seek leftover water bottles among the deceased. Thankfully, Eubank’s team was on the ground and saw her in the wreckage of human bodies and, under direct gunfire, Dave carried her to safety. The level of trauma she endured kept her from speaking for several days and the team was unsure of her name… until now.

Since her physical rescue she has been under the care of Victor and Eileen Marx and the ATP team, and is receiving the medical treatment and introductory trauma healing she requires. She has had an in-depth medical examination and blood work was drawn. She is now on medicine for an inflamed liver and spleen, but is eating much better and even speaking.

From a trauma perspective, she remembers quite a lot but dissociates to block out the worst events. We are currently using several simple, yet effective, approaches to healing: bubbles, coloring, cartoons/media/games, and fostering an environment of overall safety and love, alongside her caregiver (an older widow from Mosul).

The most effective healing tool thus far for processing this trauma has been her growing relationship with our trained K9, Scout. We are so humbled by how much this amazing animal has served this girl’s healing process and grateful to BadenK9.com for providing us with our amazing furry companion.

She was reunited with General Mustafa and instantly hugged and wanted to be held by him. She also recognizes photos of Dave Eubank and points to him, and also looks to the other photos of men with weapons and says ‘Daesh’ (which is the term most people in the region use to refer to ISIS).

With all this said, we have amazing news! The Little Girl with No Name now has a name and we have also located her family here in Iraq. Her name is… Demouah, which in Arabic means ‘tear’.

This new, long- awaited, discovery has the ATP team encouraged and restored. God has this little girl’s destiny safely in his hands, as stated in Psalms:

Psalms 56:8 (NLT):
You keep track of all my sorrows,
You have collected all my tears in your bottle.
You have recorded each one in your book.

The Father captures every tear. Demouah has a long road ahead of her and a lot of healing in store, but she is sacredly loved and cared for by God. As we mentioned above, we have found her family, her mother’s sister, and we are in the process of investigating proper housing, DNA testing, and addressing additional safety measures. Once we have everything in place, she will be able to reunite with her family and continue the healing process with her loved ones there to assist her, in a way only family can. What a bittersweet moment that will be for the ATP team. We have grown to really treasure this girl and consider ourselves spiritual parents, as we believe we are to be for thousands of others here.

Thank you all for your continued encouragement and support through this journey.


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