The little girl with no name…

By June 9, 2017 August 7th, 2017 Featured, Field Stories

I am writing this post from Iraq.

This is the little girl with no name. She was sitting among dead bodies near a wall on an outside area in North West Mosul where ISIS was gunning down all trying to escape. This little 4 year old girl is the only survivor of her family. She was hiding under her mother’s dress for two days coming out only to search for any bottle of water among the dead until my friend, Dave Eubank, rescued her while under direct gunfire.

She hasn’t talked at all. She currently only does a self-soothing hum and is in shock as you see her eyes are glazed over.

The only way I was able to connect with her for just a moment was when I leaned down and was gently patting her hand. When my head touched hers and I started a low tone throat hum, like she was doing, then she leaned into me for a moment, and I prayed over her.

You see, I remember doing a self-soothing hum as a child as well when I was found in the commercial cooler I was left in for dead at 5 years old by my abuser.

Let us all pray for this beautiful ‘humming bird’ princess.

Victor, Family and Team ATP

P.S. You can help us with her and thousands of others like her. Become a child sponsor. Go here to ReachChildren. Thank you to all who already sponsor and pray.

The next three days will see very intense fighting all around us as we go again to deliver more powdered milk for many children who are now free. Please pray for them and for us. THANK YOU!