Las Vegas Outreach at the Adult Entertainment Expo

Into the Enemy’s Playground

Going into the pit of our enemy’s playground was darker and more challenging than I thought it would be.

First, we are so thankful for the prayers for we know that the fervent prayers of a righteous man availed much.  God indeed gave us favor for ATP to be able to have a table in the middle of this show,  as we found out while we were there that the organization did not allow other ministries to attend and have a table. We were grateful to be so well received at the expo though. Everyone was friendly and receptive.

Our table was in the “Novelty” side of this expo. So in the midst of items for display from chairs, photos and toys here we are with our Trauma / Reach Children table.  We had our Triggered Too DVD, The Victor Marx Story DVD, Choose Love, Naked and Not Ashamed Booklets and Reach Children Brochures.

God gave us an empty table right in front of us. This had a couple benefits – we didn’t have to look at the items people were displaying right in front of our eyes, and our film crew was able to set up their cameras and get great footage of people passing by our booth.  We were so happy to offer everyone walking by a Free DVD which on many occasions opened up conversations on what exactly is this?  Our go to statement was, “We work with women and children affected by trauma”. We also introduced Victor as “ This is the world’s fastest gun disarm man.”  This sparked interest as well.

We had some very influential individuals stop by our table and they voiced just how much they liked it. One woman who is a well-known dominatrix teacher, came to our table, talked with us, gave us money and did a video endorsement on how much she liked what we do.  The next day she brought her accountant along and introduced him to Victor.  She ended up giving us her card and said she would like to help us acquire more sponsors for our cause.A dominatrix trainer stopped by at the Adult Entertainment Expo. She was very nice and wanted to help.

Later, two other gentlemen came by the booth, talked with Victor and found out more about what we do.  They also asked Victor if we ever did website promotion and gave him their card.  They told Victor, they really liked what we did.  Victor asked them what they did and one of the gentleman said they were the largest producer of Gay porn. They took both DVD’s. God can reach anyone.

There were so many different people from all walks of life as well as from different social and economic statuses who if seen on the street, you would never know they were involved in this industry. It was also obvious that some of these people had just been  caught up in this crippling, degrading lifestyle,. We were grateful to simply be “Light”, and let the Holy Spirit do what only He can do in each heart.  We made many new friends and even acquired a few new donors to the ministry!

After 3 days we had to close down our table as the side we were on was shutting down. We were able to hand out over 1,000 pieces of information from our table!

Our prayer is that God would touch the hearts of every person who came by our table, received a resource and would sense God’s unfailing love for them.

A former stripper came to our table who is now saved and on fire for Jesus. She has a huge heart to help reach the girls still in this industry.  She took us around the show to let us see the extent of all that is in this expo. We went into a large closed off room with rows and rows of tables and booths filled with young women standing behind the tables.  They were on display for the participants to gawk at.  The room was very crowded with spectators, both men and women.  We walked by booths that had very young looking women who were posing and allowing photos to be taken.

One girl, (she looked like she was 12), was posing next to her life size poster.  We got her attention with Scout.  We got her away from her table for a moment so we could talk with her.  She knelt down and petted Scout. We told her briefly that Scout helps young women who have been abused and traumatized by ISIS.  She hugged Scout and looked at us like she wanted to tell us something, but couldn’t. I’m sure her handler was close by and watching his property like a hawk.  We gave her Scout’s card and showed her the website, Scout was very watchful.

We left her booth sick to our stomach.  Praying for her still and having to believe that God will help her and show her how much He loves her.

The next table we stopped at was a long table where girls were standing and talking.  We started talking with another young looking girl, maybe 18 years old.  She had the tiniest frame and the sweetest smile, but her eyes were saying something different. She also broke my heart as she shared how mean her mom was.  Victor had Scout jump up on her table and she patted Scout as we were talking.

With all the people in this building and all the dignity being ripped away, we were overwhelmed. After talking with women of all ages, shapes and sizes, we were grateful to be there to reach out.

The section we did not go to was an area where there were live sex acts taking place.  The very thought of this grieved our spirits so much, if we felt a fraction of what God feels when His creation succumbs to such deprivation, then I don’t know why He doesn’t destroy mankind, again.

Our thoughts are to come back next year, (if we can get in) to get a table and teach self defense workshops to anyone interested.  Our new friend – the dominatrix instructor – thought that would be a good resourced to offer. We think so, too.

We know that we need to get more people willing to go into this pit of our culture to bring light and expose the darkness, but we also realize that the darkness will not allow this without a fight and will put up heavy resistance.  As we arrived home in the wee hours of Monday morning, we were not only physically exhausted, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually spent.

Our media team ended up in the hospital with the influenza A bug,  Mom, Dad and son.  Chaplain Chaz also got sick as well as our social media guy, Matt and his wife.

Victor and I were getting attacked and we could feel a great sense of grief for those we had met.  As of this writing, we still feel the affects of this week in Las Vegas. We will continue to pray for souls that came to us as they each valuable and beautiful in God’s eyes and we believe will be on His side one day.

Grateful for you all for praying and believing with us that With God, All Things Are Possible!

– Eileen and Victor Marx


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