Is being a wife and mom enough?

This is a very controversial topic today. We live in a culture where both husbands and wives and moms and dads are out in the workforce. For some, it’s to support the lifestyle they choose to live and for others they have no other choice. For those who choose to have both parents work outside the home, it often comes at a price.

When Victor and I got married, I’m not sure if we ever actually voiced our thoughts on what this would look like in our home. “Do I work when we get married?” “Do I stay home?”

I think we were very fortunate from the beginning, as most of our married life we have worked together. When I was pregnant and then had young children, I worked when I could and always at my own discretion. I loved working and was grateful for the opportunity to work when I wanted to. I was never pressured to work to pay the bills or given the responsibility to shoulder any of the financial burden our household had. Victor has always taken that responsibility of our home on his shoulders.

I’m so grateful the roles we both have were agreeable from the beginning. Early in our marriage, Victor had to take a couple jobs to help pay the bills. It’s like Victor knew that it was his responsibility and that was it. Likewise, the running of our home was my job, and that in and of itself was a full-time job!

When children came, that expanded my job description.

I guess I’m old fashioned when it comes to this, although I’m not sure how I got this idea since both my parents worked full-time jobs as long as I can remember and my mom still took care of eight children while she worked. I don’t know how she did it!

For those who work full-time at home and manage all the aspects of running a household with joy and satisfaction, I applaud you! Your job is very important.

So much hinges on your job — the atmosphere, health and well-being of your home creates a foundation of peace, value and belonging for all who live there. The care and dedication you put into your home matters. You may not get a paycheck for all the work you do and oftentimes your efforts may seem to be overlooked. But trust me, you are earning interest and dividends that are worth much more than what money can buy.

Sending you much love from one wife, mom and mama,



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