Interview with Ryan Dobson

By July 5, 2016Podcasts

Hey Everyone!  I did a fun but meaningful interview at my office with Ryan Dobson (Dr. James Dobson’s son.) This guy is a gifted interviewer with great insight!

Here are a few things we talked about and then more:

When I clicked on a porn site and told my wife.
The difference between being tough or having a hard heart.
The current Darkness in Iraq and the USA.
Darkness in politics.
We talked a little about the presidential candidates.
Muslims against Christians.
Gays against Straights.
Tim Tebow’s friend who was shot 3x at the Gay club.
The Lion and Lamb project for abused, hurting kids.
No Condemnation and shame for Christians!
Rejection and how to overcome.
The need of a Father.
Never give up!

Here are two links to choose from: same interview but can be listened to on Soundcloud or ITunes