I’m Glad We Packed Bubbles

Come with me to Mosul, a major city in Northern Iraq.

That’s where we first met Demouah. She’s an incredible young girl who has experienced a lot of trauma because of war and violence in her city. Yet, because of your love and support of All Things Possible Ministries, she’s encountered the love of Christ firsthand.

When my family took our trip where we met Demouah, I remember Eileen REALLY wanted us to pack bubbles.

I had to ask, why bubbles? But she felt God tell her to do it.

Well, from the time of her trauma in Mosul to after being rescued, Demouah never talked.

My kids asked me, “Dad, will she ever talk?” I didn’t know. But when my kids started blowing bubbles with her, she smiled and she started talking! That powerful moment reminded us of WHY we do what we do. Watch this short recap of our visit with Demouah.

Demouah may seem like one of the least of these, but it’s important for the world to know how special she is.

When she grows up, Demouah wants to be a painter. She loves art and has been encouraged by the love you’ve shown her through your generosity. We believe it doesn’t matter what religion, country or circumstance — children should always be protected and loved. Their heavenly father has GREAT plans for each of them!

Would you stand with us today and help children like Demouah smile again and find their voice?

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