Identifying & Breaking Strongholds Part 1 by Eileen Marx

By July 12, 2016Blogs, Podcasts

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Eileen Marx is the wife of Victor Marx and mother to five amazing children ranging from ages 25 to 10 years old. She has a 2nd Degree Black Belt and enjoys teaching women self-defense. She co-founded All Things Possible Ministries with her husband in 2003 as a ministry that reaches our nation’s incarcerated youth.

Expanding the ministry, they now travel the country, as well as around the world, helping children and young women who are hurting, abused, and trafficked. They bring hope, comfort and God’s love to thousands who are without hope….

Eileen’s heart is to help people who struggle with past hurts and who find themselves in a cycle of unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment. She shares some of her own childhood experiences and how they kept her bound by anger and bitterness. She also shares how to get free from the invisible, but powerful, strongholds that keep a person bound. There is such a thing as “freedom” and it’s waiting for anyone who will grab a hold of it and release their heart to it.