ATP Donors Provide for Lt. Hussein’s Surgery

ATP Donors Provide for Lt. Hussein’s Surgery

Hussein is a Lieutenant who was shot 6 times by ISIS snipers on May 18, 2017 during the military operation against ISIS, to liberate Mosul and thousands of injured and captive people.  His condition was critical and included loss of motion in his arm and fingers as well as severe leg and nerve damage.  Our friends reached out for help because they have known and worked closely with Lt. Hussein.  He has a wife, an 8 month old baby girl and a new baby on the way.  The ATP Army (that’s YOU!) stepped in and provided much needed support for surgery.

When our American friends and ATP allies on the ground there reached out for help, they described the situation this way:

“We want him (Lt. Hussein) to know we are all in, as he was for us in brutal fighting in May, where ISIS started and where we faced many enemies.  And where he led so well.  He is a hero and I hope you can meet him one day.  In battle he was the best and as we moved through I felt there was no better young officer in US army – he is among our top level as a junior leader who lets his men lead till they can’t, as  a fighter who leads, frags and assaults as point when things are real bad, as a man of love who gently helped IDPS as they fled around us, as a friend who welcomed us, as a deep thinker whom we could share faith – so we want to help him get back up.”

Update: He is doing well, and gives thanks to God for saving his life. After reviewing the footage and photos…he is a walking miracle. We encouraged him to not give up searching for truth and living with purpose. God clearly has a great calling on his life. Please continue to pray for his restoration in body, mind, and spirit. One evening, he joined us for devotions as we unpacked Matthew 7:13-20 and John 10:7-10. “Therefore Jesus said again, ‘Very truly I tell you, I am the gate for the sheep.” We discussed Jesus Christ as being the gate to eternal and abundant life and the source of good fruit.


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