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Victor Marx Appointed to Guardian Group Board of Directors

April 17, 2018 – Guardian Group’s mission is to prevent and disrupt the sex trafficking of women and children while enabling partners to identify victims and predators in the United States. Guardian Group is a team of military special operations, law enforcement, and intelligence professionals working to eradicate sex trafficking in the United States. They  announced today that Victor Marx has been appointed to their Board of Directors.

The Guardian Group team brings the full fight to counter sex trafficking through a detailed strategy that balances both a relentless offense with a solid defense. The Defense focuses on prevention and risk mitigation for citizens, businesses, and communities. They offer training for individuals and organizations to better recognize and report sex trafficking in industries including hospitality, travel and transportation. The Offense is characterized by an active involvement in the pursuit, apprehending, and prosecution of predators through full partnership with law enforcement across the U.S.

The Guardian GroupThe Guardian Seal®, the group’s primary online educational training program, is a strong, readily recognized mark that significantly deters would-be traffickers and buyers. Companies that endorse the Guardian Seal® play a critical role in the fight against human trafficking by recognizing that illicit activity puts brand reputation at risk and endangers employees and guests. Supporters of The Guardian Seal include the hospitality industry, law enforcement, transportation industry, emergency services, corporations, government agencies, and the public.

Victor Marx and All Things Possible Ministries offer Hope and Healing to the exploited and oppressed around the world. Guardian Group is partnered with ATP in many ways but predominantly in support of their High Risk Missions. Currently they are focused on Iraq where ATP restores children, individuals, and families of all faiths in the war torn areas of the country. The ATP method employs a forward presence in the regions of violence to rapidly identify trauma, direct resources to facilitate restoration and interrupt the cycle of violence.  Their current programs include: resettlement of persecuted minorities, ‘3rd Option’ to interrupt ISIS recruitment, Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) trauma care, and establishing partnerships with “like-mission” organizations and influential leaders of faith in the region.

We at Guardian Group are a “like-mission” organization with ATP. We share the same vision and values to protect children and oppressed persons wherever they may be. Our focus is here in the United States but the veterans in Guardian Group have a heart and a fondness for the people of Iraq and Kurdistan that will never waver. We fought beside them for years and seeing what Victor and ATP are able to do in Iraq now to relieve the suffering of so many children, orphans, and widows is tremendous.

“We have but one life to live. If I had two, my second one would be with ATP as more than just a strategic partner. We are proud to call Victor Marx a friend and add him as a critical member of our board,” said Guardian Group Chief Operating Officer Jeff Tiegs.

About Guardian Group

Guardian Group is a 501c3 nonprofit organization headquartered on the west coast. It was created to alleviate the risk of human trafficking through training, intelligence, recognition and response. The Guardian Group team draws upon decades of experience fusing intelligence and operations to achieve counter network effects against human sex-trafficking in the U.S. with a focus on predators and networks specifically involved in child sex-trafficking, with the intent to gain an offensive advantage against this problem. For more information call 800-380-8913, email  or visit

About Victor Marx and All Things Possible Ministries

All Things Possible Ministries (ATP) is a faith based organization that works on a global scale to identify and restore victims of trauma from abuse and its damaging effects in order to free people from their suffering and interrupt the cycle of abuse for future generations. ATP is highly respected for its ability and agility to face risks with unwavering courage in order to address humanity’s most pressing needs. ATP brings light to those in the darkest places on our planet.


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