Emad Update: Reunited With Family

Emad Update: Reunited With Family

ISIS Abducted Yazidi Boy Reunited with Mother in Canada

Last month, while in Mosul, we shared the story of a boy named Emad Tammo. He was in bad shape from an infection caused by shrapnel wounds in his abdominal cavity and needed immediate care. In 2014, Emad and his two oldest brothers and father were abducted by ISIS and separated from his mother and younger siblings. This whole time he’s been fighting for ISIS and under their control and manipulation.

Thankfully, our team was contacted by General Mustafa and we brought Emad to a local hospital to receive the immediate care he required, along with a large dose of antibiotics to clear up the infection. The doctors determined he was not in need of surgery and was released the next day. Thanks to your abundantly amazing support we were able to provide the means for Emad to receive the medical attention he needed and also relocate him long term for further care with his immediate family. During that time, Emad kept asking one main question: ‘Can I see my mother?’ His mother and younger siblings received asylum and relocated to start a new life in Canada, thanks to the Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq (CYCI) organization.

Thanks to CYCI and the Canadian government, Emad was able to finally join his long-lost family in their new home country, Canada and they couldn’t be more grateful to be reunited for good.

We ask that you continue to lift up Emad, and his family, in your prayers as he has a long road to recovery ahead and they have yet to find his father and older brothers. Thank you all!



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