Dignity Kits.

What Are They?

Personal Items For Women.

Tens of thousands of young women live in Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps and have very little access to basic feminine necessities. Dignity Kits provide feminine products and personal items to young women dealing with the realities of life in a war environment.


Dignity Kits delivered to displaced women living in IDP camps.

Make A Difference

$25 Sends a Kit.

Every $25 raised sends one dignity kit to a woman in need. Use the calculator below to see what your donation dollars can do.

Dignity Kits to women in need.


Connect with the life-transforming stories that have both inspired and shaped our mission.

What’s Inside?

Inside a Dignity Kit.

Lice Shampoo


Hand Towels



Bar Soap

Hairbrush & Ties

Wet Wipes

Hand Sanitizer

Sewing Kit

Sanitary Pads



“As a mother of 3 daughters, it is so easy for me to see just how valuable this opportunity is, and I wanted to share this with you.”

— Eileen Marx

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