Curriculum and Films.

Why It Matters

PTSD Kills.

A PTSD survivor himself, Victor Marx distributes and delivers powerful, life-changing resources to both civilians and military members who are suffering. His curriculum, materials and films are offered for free and have inspired hope for tens of thousands all over the world.


Americans suffer from PTSD every year.

Media Matters

Feature Films.

Victor, Eileen and the ATP team have produced and distributed three feature films.

The Victor Marx Story

Victor shares his personal testimony outlining his troubled childhood, recovery, and the foundation of ATP ministries.

Triggered (For Military)

A groundbreaking new film chronicling the struggles of PTSD recovery and healing as told through a series of interviews. Watch the short trailer below.

Triggered Too (For Civilians)

Trauma or PTSD is part of our world. It’s not prejudiced nor discriminating and it can take down even the strongest of minds. Watch the short trailer below.

Please enjoy these complimentary Kindle Unlimited edition workbooks for Triggered and Triggered Too.


Connect with the life-transforming stories that have both inspired and shaped our mission.

Armed Forces

Military Mission.

With travel and partnership to U.S. Army bases around the country, Victor and the ATP Team reach soldiers while they are still active and encourage lasting resiliency even after these heroic men and women complete their time of service.


Military veterans commit suicide each day. Our goal is to reach them now, while they are still active, to provide them with the tools for resilient living.

Military Endorsements

Words From Friends.

  • "Victor’s a man who gets it. He understands the needs we have. He understands the struggles we all go through."

    Dakota Meyer Military Veteran, Recipient of the Medal of Honor
  • "Go listen to Victor Marx. It could be life-changing. It could save your life."

    Tim Kennedy Military Veteran, Special Forces Group, UFC athlete, TV Host
  • "Please come see Victor and find ways to better cope for what is going on in your life."

    Jeff Tiegs Military Veteran, Special Forces, Sex Trafficking Fighter, Athlete


Dive in and learn more about all the ways we’re making a difference.

Make A Difference

$10 Sends A Lifeline.

Every $10 raised sends life-saving resources and materials to someone suffering with PTSD. Use the calculator below to see what your donation dollars can do.

Life-saving materials delivered to those suffering from PTSD.