Training Courses.


Training Courses.

You can make a difference.

These courses were created to equip you to make an impact in your community. It starts with bold leaders, healthy relationships and informed citizens.

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Training Courses.

Leadership Training

Leadership is simply the activity of influencing people by providing purpose, direction and motivation to accomplish a mission, solve a problem and improve an organization, family, team — and your community. This course offers simple concepts and structures to help you become a better leader in your home, your workplace and beyond.

Better Together Marriage Course

This course will teach you to be more connected to each other and better equipped to handle whatever life throws your way — together.

Protect Your Family: A Counter-Trafficking Course

​​Find out the facts about trafficking and the perils that exist in today’s culture. We want to equip you by providing information about this horrendous crime, who the buyers and sellers are, expert advice from survivors and what you can do at home to protect your family.

Restored: Freedom From Pornography

Whether you’re simply curious about the dangers of pornography or have lost everything because of an addiction, you can benefit from this course. Victor partners with Joshua Broom, a former porn star, to identify the shady practices and frightening statistics involved in the porn industry, give you a glimpse into their own journeys and dive deep into the root of this addiction. They don’t promise an easy fix, but they — as two restored people — do offer hope.


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What students are saying.

  • "...If you are a leader in any capacity, you must invest in your development. Leaders are made, not built. Continue to invest in your development as a leader for the sake of those you lead, and you will reap abundantly based upon how you grow and develop yourself in this area. This course is a must if you place a value on anything stated above!"

    Jeremiah Leadership Training Course
  • "We have listened to many messages over the last three decades, many of them helping and this course is one of the BEST!!! Victor and Eileen Marx talk about the hard things, the topics that have the strongest impact and where the devil hits the hardest. We will recommend this course to everyone we know."

    Jennifer Better Together
  • "This course, while hard to hear the words, needs to be taught to every parent and grandparent ... I highly recommend it to everyone who truly cares about our children."

    Donna Protect Your Family
  • "This is a great course for married couples and for those not married. Call it a stepping stone to a wealth of experiences blended together with God’s wisdom."

    Liz Better Together
  • "As a course, all the information is amazing, especially the insight to how trafficking is rampant and so vile. The presentation of the information is good, straightforward and in many ways, shocking. There is much work to be done."

    Josiah Protect Your Family