Bringing Comfort and Healing to Childhood Victims of Trauma

A child facing emotional pain because of events beyond their control is a difficult thing to witness. Children enduring the trauma of war, violence, and uncertainty need comfort and the assurance that they are loved and valued. In 2015, ATP Ministries created Lions and Lambs to address this problem and to bring comfort to childhood victims of trauma in the war-torn region of Iraq.

What are these Lions and Lambs?

Iraqi girl shown here in one of the Iraqi refugee ampsEach Lion or Lamb is a soft and cuddly stuffed animal, but far from a common toy.  Each one plays an hour of soothing music designed by a psychologist to lower anxiety and includes reassuring messages of hope and prayers recorded in a child’s voice. The music is culturally matched and the messages are delivered in the child’s local language. These unique healing tools bring reassurance and hope during incredibly difficult times.

Since 2015, ATP Ministries has delivered over 24,000 Lions and Lambs to children in Iraq and the Middle East. These children have had to flee wars and ongoing threats to their safety. Many have lost family members. The Lions and Lambs have been very well received throughout Iraq and wherever they have been distributed.

Lions and Lambs Are Now Available in the United States

The success of the Lion and Lamb Initiative in Iraq and the Middle East has sparked high demand to distribute them here in the United States. Children in our country frequently endure trauma-inducing events, including violence, family conflicts, unspeakable disasters and actions where the child may be placed in an extremely difficult and uncomfortable situation. People who work with children in these conditions such as law enforcement, social workers, medical personnel have been looking for ways to bring comfort and hope to young victims.

The same soft toys that have been used so successfully in Iraq have been modified to contain music and English-language messages of hope and comfort.

English language Lions and Lambs in high demand!

The demand for Lions and Lambs here in the US has been overwhelming. In just the last week, we have received requests from:

  • Foster care families
  • Orphanages
  • Children’s support agencies
  • Sheriff’s offices
  • Police departments

These agencies and service providers are waiting anxiously for our answer to their request for these comforting tools for children in crisis; and this, as we continue to receive new requests for Lions and Lambs daily from other organizations throughout the country.

Sponsor a child and provide a Lion or Lamb today!

Lions and Lambs provide soothing music and messages of hope and comfort to child victims of trauma

Providing comfort to a child is easy and we cannot do this without you! Just go to the donation page, click the $30.00 donation and then be sure to click the “monthly” button as well.  Then complete the rest of the form. This will provide two dozen Lions and Lambs to child victims of trauma right here in the US in the coming year.

Want a Lion or Lamb for someone special?

For a limited time, you can receive your own, English language Lion or Lamb!  While supplies last (provided by other generous donors like you), just sign up for a contribution of $30.00 per month for at least one year and we will send you one Lion or Lamb that you can give as a gift or keep for your family!

Making a Difference

The ATP Ministry Network has provided incredible comfort and healing through the power of God’s love world-wide to children in need. We thank you for your contributions, your prayers and your support.

God Bless Each of You!


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