Blake Withers: A life well lived for God and His Kingdom

By December 21, 2016Blogs


Pastor Blake Withers with wife Laurie and their children Casey and wife Hannah, Caleb and wife Alex and Carrie

My friend and brother in the Lord entered into the Presence of our Lord and Savior last night to hear those wonderful welcoming words, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.’

Blake impacted my life in ways he did not know, because I never told him.  “Example” would be the simplest way to describe the way he influenced me as a leader in ministry.  Strong but humble, tenacious yet tender, serious student of the Word and Teacher of deep spiritual things yet making it easy to understand for the lay person. Finally, he had a way of encouraging me through short direct meaningful correspondence. A man is known by his words and probably more by his actions. Below is a small peek into the character and heart of this beloved Friend, Warrior and Encourager of my soul in hard times and now in the Lord’s Presence:

(When My Dad passed away:)


Praying for your family and close friends during this season. Also praying for many lives your Dad touched that may come to faith in Christ as he graduated to glory.

With All Our Love, Blake”

(When I was in debilitating pain from compressed disk by vertebra in my neck:)


I am praying for your neck right now. I get that same pain from too many years of running on hard basketball courts.

Blessings, Blake”

(When we started reaching Young Girls formerly held captive by ISIS:)


Stopped and prayed for this situation.  Sometimes I wish we had all the room in the world to just welcome these teens into our home and love on them.  Wish there were no limits to my time to be available for them. Know that I think of you often and pray for you.”

Blessings! Blake”

I am a better man for knowing him,

Victor Marx