ATP’s Samantha Weekend Proves Life-Changing for Trafficking Victim

ATP’s Samantha Weekend Proves Life-Changing for Trafficking Victim

Below is a firsthand account from a trafficking survivor who recently participated in one of our Samantha Weekends. Here’s what she said:

Prior to participating in Samantha Weekend at the ATP Leadership Training Center, I felt powerless. I was lost and without any tools to dig my way out. I was doing things that I knew were wrong but justifying them anyway. In a nutshell, I was struggling to find my place in this broken world. 

I loved God, but I didn’t know my value. I struggled with the voices in my head telling me my worth was simply in my body — that was it, and I was ready for violent, bad things to happen to me at the hands of my ex. 

I lived in constant fear. 

I have struggled with my self-worth since I was a little girl. As a child, I was sexually abused. When I was 14-years-old, I was drugged and abducted. I was a girl who had already been raped and abused many times. This made me a particularly vulnerable target for predators. 

I was sold.

My traffickers stripped me of everything, both physically and emotionally. I was abused by the very man who was supposed to protect me. Thankfully his time of reckoning came, finally landing him in prison. 

I was the girl who thought the only way out was through a serious eating disorder that left me hospitalized. I also used drugs, alcohol, cutting, sex, men, women and even attempted suicide to medicate my pain. My self-esteem hit rock bottom. I simply never felt like I was “worth it.”

Little did I know, things were about to change. After the weekend at ATP, I went home feeling empowered. I was empowered physically, but most importantly, I was empowered emotionally.

I now know that no matter what happens, I am worth it. I am special and God loves me. I don’t have to be perfect. Flaws and all, God loves me. I am more than what’s on the outside. It’s what’s in my heart that truly matters. I heard for so many years that no one would want a girl like me. But today I am here to say I am beautiful and I am worth it. 

I am worthy of love. I never felt this in my soul until recently. Because of ATP, I know that no matter what happens, I will be okay. 

God’s got this. 

I have tools in my pocket that I didn’t have before, and now my life of freedom is finally beginning. I have also used these newfound tools to teach my son how to protect himself. It’s amazing to see how much more empowered he is. 

Thank you Victor, Eileen and the whole training crew at ATP for your heart to help others. The training I experienced at All Things Possible literally changed my life. 💗

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