Victor Announces New ATP Mercy House Orphanage In Iraq

As ISIS footholds in Iraq are relinquished and towns are returned to civilians, the need for temporary and ongoing shelter for children is becoming great.

On this last trip Victor recovered several children from high risk regions, most notably Baby Ali and The Girl with No Name (Damaeah). These children were lost, confused, and in critical need of medical attention.  Damaeah (her before and after pictures are in the image below) provides a clear example of the pain and trauma that a young child can incur due to war.  She was found in rubble, unable to communicate and in need of medical attention. Today, Victor and his team have found her extended family, she is beginning to smile, and is taking the first brave steps towards trauma recovery.  Victor and his team hope that more children like Damaeah can be recovered and helped through the creation of a permanent orphanage facility, but they will need your help.

Will you join ATP on their new endeavor to provide shelter, trauma relief and medical attention for hurting and displaced children in Iraq? Your donation will provide the critical infrastructure and operations costs for the new ATP Mercy House Orphanage . Please click below to donate.

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