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By December 20, 2016Blogs


THURSDAY NIGHT:     Since we were unable to go into the facility last Saturday, we did our verse during this visit, instead of the letter.  Also, there were four modules which restricted our time with each one.

VERSE: John 8:32 –  And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.

TRUTH: God’s Truth brings freedom.

QUESTION: What stops me from seeking God’s Truth?

ORANGE MODULE:  A – The things that stop me from seeking God’s Truth are:  Fun is more important, friends & family influences, the thought that I’m a good person, drugs, technology and being busy.

We discussed the fact that freedom isn’t easy.  There are so many things that scream for our attention.  Because our minds are full of those screaming things, we can make quick decisions without thinking…leading to negative consequences.

BLUE MODULE:  A – The things that stop me from seeking God’s Truth are: the influence of friends and drugs.

A young man asked us what the Truth was.  We shared the Gospel…that Jesus died for our sins & forgives us.  He loves us!  We also explained that what we eat can have a bad effect on our health.  Likewise, what we feed our spirit can make us spiritually healthy or unhealthy.  Taking 2 hours to watch a movie instead of using some of that time to pray or spend time in God’s Word or fellowship with other believers is like eating spiritual junk food.  What we put into our mouth AND OUR MIND, matters!

YELLOW MODULE:  A – The things that stop me from seeking God’s Truth are: going out, running instead of facing   hard stuff and hanging out with the boys.

A young woman who was released last week, has returned.  Three out of four girls shared that they feel safer in DH then at home…its sad but sometimes true.  These young women are looking for relationship and real love (love that looks at why they do the things they do and addresses it) which they often aren’t getting at home…thus they look elsewhere leading to negative consequences.

PURPLE MODULE:  A – The things that stop me from seeking God’s Truth are: temptations, just doing (not thinking) and fun.

We talked about how the world can cause a young person to feel they have no voice…and when that happens, we’re left feeling that we aren’t valuable.  When we believe we aren’t valuable, we begin making choices based on this lie that we believe.


SOMETHING TO PONDER:     God desires our relationship with Him to far exceed all other relationships…to understand that He sees our spirit without the covering of our bodies which the Bible calls our “tent”.  When we intentionally live our lives in His Truth and not fear being transparent & vulnerable with Him, He WILL set us free!  What keeps you from being transparent & vulnerable with Him?

Please keep our 6th annual Happy Birthday Jesus party with the youth in prayer.  We celebrate this Wednesday!

Thank you for your continued commitment to praying for Hawaii’s Locked Up Lambs!  Have an amazing week in our Lord!


Fabe & Mona Loo

All Things Possible Ministries, Hawaii

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”   Matthew 19:26

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