An Update From Afghanistan.

A Message From Victor.

We want to begin by thanking everyone for their prayers and gifts to support ongoing efforts in Relocation, Resettlement, and Humanitarian Aid to the Americans and Afghans that are still suffering from the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. We are proud to have been part of the vast efforts by courageous and selfless Americans in one of the largest evacuations in world history.

Do not lose hope — miracles are happening by the minute. There are heroes that continue to fight for these men, women, and children who deserve more. We continue to support these heroic efforts and will not waiver in our commitment to address humanity’s most pressing needs, bringing light into the darkest places on our planet.

Keep praying. Thank you for your faithful support.


Let’s Do This Together.

Thank you for again for supporting our continued work in Afghanistan.

Our Next Steps

We continue to reinforce the alliance that is forming for long-term, sustainable operations so that we can continue to serve the children, women and families impacted by the events in the region.

All Things Possible Partners with the Caring and Capable.

Most of our partners are longtime friends but a few of them are new friends that we’ve aligned ourselves with and trust not only their intent but their capability to see this fight through.

ATP will continue to work to unify efforts to support the Afghan diaspora by coordinating with NGOs and other organizations while collaborating with relevant government and international community members. A key component of this is the development of a Common Operating Picture (COP). This complex tool is designed to serve as the focal point to better understand the environment and better meet the needs of Afghans and those in need around the world.

ATP is in this for the long fight of Trauma Relief, High Risk Ministry and Training and Equipping.

This is far from over.

Trauma Relief- We are working to meet the needs of the Afghan migrants that were successfully evacuated, wherever they are.

We continue to work with soldiers, airmen, sailors, marines, and their families as they cope with compounding emotions of loss and lack of purpose.

If you are interested in RESETTLEMENT and HUMANITARIAN AID efforts, please email

High Risk Ministry– We continue to work with our trusted partners to find safe passage for the remaining Americans and vetted Afghan allies still caught behind enemy lines.

If you are still working RELOCATION support and providing safe passage for Afghans still in danger, please email

Training and Equipping- Our Trauma Relief efforts will evolve into Training and Equipping for the Afghan refugees to help them integrate into whatever country they finally settle.

If you are interested in RESETTLEMENT and HUMANITARIAN AID efforts, please email

Prayer continues to be our greatest weapon.

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From Fox News

Afghanistan crisis: Christian veteran’s nonprofit helps save 8 lives from Taliban terror

As NGOs and U.S. forces continue to race to get Americans and Afghan allies to safety ahead of the Biden administration’s Aug. 31 deadline in Afghanistan, one faith-based nonprofit helped evacuate an at-risk family of eight Christians from the chaos in Kabul.

From The Christian Post

Our secret weapon is prayer

A former Marine, who’s now the leader of a nonprofit agency helping victims of trauma, says he’s working to bring an Afghan family of eight who converted to Christianity to safety in the U.S.

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