A Ministry That Identifies, Interrupts & Restores Those Affected By Trauma

ATP Ministries, headed by Victor Marx, is an international organization reaching out to broken youth and families.

Victor gained recognition and an online following after the release of his “World’s Fastest Gun Disarm” video. His YouTube channel now features over 45 million views and 117,000 subscribers. Victor is known worldwide for his powerful testimony about healing from trauma through a personal relationship with Jesus.  His unique story and exceptional martial arts skills have been shared with widely diverse audiences ranging from troubled youth and prisoners to church audiences worldwide.

Doing God’s work is not always safe. From Burma to Iraq, Victor regularly goes into harm’s way to work with persecuted minorities and others suffering from wartime abuse and trauma. The bold efforts of All Things Possible Ministries have restored hope to thousands.

Victor has produced several films. His testimony is told in the film and book “The Victor Marx Story.” He has also produced the films, “Triggered” and “Triggered Too,” highlighting the impact of Post Traumatic Stress on military personnel and civilians.


IRAQ Victor travels to Northern Iraq to reach children and their families traumatized and displaced by ISIS.
NIGERIA Team ATP coordinated delivery of food and medicine to orphanages.
BURMA Victor has ministered in Burma with the Free Burma Rangers.
HAWAII Victor speaks at youth facilities, military bases and churches.
UNITED STATES Victor travels across the nation reaching youth in schools, churches and detention facilities.
CAMBODIA ATP supports the work of House of Refuge for girls.


International Work


Stories of Trauma & Recovery

The Victor Marx Story

Victor’s Personal Testimony & The Founding of ATP

The Victor Marx Story chronicles the personal testimony of Victor Marx and the founding of All Things Possible Ministries.

Triggered: Military Version

Hope for military PTSD victims

Victor’s film “Triggered: Military Version” shares stories of military victims of PTSD and their path to recovery.

Triggered Too (Civilian Version)

Bringing hope and healing to all who suffer from trauma

PTSD affects people from all spectrums of life.  Journey with Victor and other trauma survivors for an inside look at PTSD causes and recovery methods.