A Conversation With Samantha Summers-Rivas, Founder of Rubies LV – Part 2

A Conversation With Samantha Summers-Rivas, Founder of Rubies LV – Part 2

Previously, we shared the back story on our friend Samantha Summers-Rivas, who survived a dangerous life of trafficking. We continue the story where we left off, with Samantha transitioning from victim to survivor and leader of nonprofit Rubies LV. 

When asked how to get involved and help in the Rubies LV mission of supporting victims and their families, the first thing Samantha suggests is to pray. 

“Pray for us and let us know that you’re praying for us,” explains Samantha. “There’s a special legion of demons that (are) assigned towards people that are fighting trafficking. It’s not the same demons that are assigned to the folks that are helping out at Sunday nursery.” 

She asks that people interested in learning more about what the organization is doing follow them on social media and check out the website

“We’re still in our grassroots phase, so we’re growing fast,” she says. “There’s a lot of need, especially with everything that just happened in 2020.”

Under the difficult circumstances during the pandemic, trafficking victims obviously couldn’t receive unemployment. So women struggling to exit that world were often living without groceries or in constant threat of having their electricity cut off. This is where Rubies LV steps in, offering assistance to these women trapped in a losing situation. 

Financial support and prayer for survivor-led nonprofits are in Samantha’s words, “a big deal.” 

“We get discouraged really quick,” she says.

We love what Samantha is doing, so All Things Possible Ministries has partnered with Rubies LV. We’ve committed to giving them $10,000 this year, something we have been able to do thanks to our very faithful partners. 

Even if someone can’t help financially, Rubies LV could always use resources. They are hoping to open a safe home, the first in Nevada, for female victims with children. Someone with a skilled trade, like an electrician and plumber who wants to help with their time and resources, can be particularly valuable. 

Samantha says that for the girls and women who are coming out of the trafficking life, or still trying to find that exit, there is no hope. Words like “justice” mean nothing to them because they’ve never experienced it. “There’s nobody really fighting and willing to sacrifice (for them).”

That’s where Rubies LV can step in and show them there are people who care.

ATP invited Samantha to our Leadership Training Center in Colorado Springs so we could offer her an opportunity to participate in one of our programs for victims of trauma. She loved it. Our trainers taught her some jiu jitsu, blade work, firearms safety and shooting, and leadership skills, all under the leadership and expertise of former U.S. Special Operations service members. 

These experiences help trauma victims “put the puzzle together.” Sometimes survivors get triggered, but they learn to work through these feelings and come out stronger. 

We are so happy with the partnership we formed with Samantha that we’ve decided to name future weekend trauma survivor workshops after her. These special events will now be known as “Samantha Weekends.” 

Samantha is a warrior on the frontlines, helping survivors escape the painful life she knows all too well. We are grateful to have her partnership, and look forward to watching her nonprofit grow and succeed in helping trafficking victims in Las Vegas and beyond.

To listen to the full interview with Samantha Summers-Rivas, check out the Victor Marx Show on Apple, Spotify or YouTube.


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