9th Grade Champion for God’s Kingdom

By April 3, 2017Blogs

“I am a 9th grade student at my homeschool coop here in Texas, and I am holding a fundraiser for your organization, ATP, and your High Risk Initiative in Iraq. I am selling some of my Legos in pouches that my mom and sisters helped make for $10. I think what you’re doing in Iraq is amazing and the right thing to do. My goal is to raise five hundred dollars for your ministry. My family and I are praying for your safety.” Sincerely, Martin Jr.

His proud mom followed up with this: At our homeschool coop, all of the ninth graders each held their own fundraiser for the missionary (in the 10/40 window) of their choice. My son chose Victor Marx.  Kids from all grades were then able to come up to each ninth grader and hear what they did. They wore a “button” on the side of their arm where the kids would push it and the ninth grader would present over and over (about 15 times!)

Here is some info from my son’s report for how he raised the money:

For my fundraiser, my original goal was $75. I sold packs of Legos inside little pouches that turn into play mats. I used my own Legos for the project and bought the supplies for the pouches with my own money with the exception of the fabric, which we already had. My brother and I sorted the Legos to basically fit the theme of the Lego mini-figures that we put them with in each pack. I cut out the shapes for the pouches and then my mom and my sister sewed the pouches for me to put the Legos in. Each pouch of Legos came with one mini-figure and 50+ generally random Lego pieces. We sold each pack for $10. We sold them via Facebook and in person and then delivered them. Because of feedback from my customers, we eventually offered my old Duplo blocks for the younger kids. We had a great response to the fundraiser, so I raised my goal to $500! In total, we had 24 pouch orders for $240 and $220 in donations. That brings my fundraising total to $460.


Martin Jr. has definitely been impacted by the mission in Iraq and all that Victor Marx and his team are doing. What a blessing this assignment was!

He has had a couple more orders, so we will fulfill those and then send the money in soon!

With gratefulness,

Martin’s Mom