We Break The Cycle of Trafficking.

How we fight traffickers and pedophiles.

Change the Equation

Sex trafficking of a minor is an automatic charge only when the victim is under the age of 18. Change the Equation seeks to change the legal definition of a minor involved in commercial sex from 18 to 21 years old.

Skull Games

Our Skull Games program crowdsources the collection of open-source intelligence (OSINT) to assist law enforcement with leads on trafficked victims, missing kids and persons of interest.

Samantha Weekends

Our Samantha Weekend events empower women and promote their healing. We equip and train women to defend themselves from predators and find a new sense of confidence and freedom.

House of Refuge

We fight against trafficking, abuse and domestic violence in Cambodia. House of Refuge provides girls and women with housing, education, daily transportation, food, supplies, clothing and medical costs.

Law Enforcement Support

We provide law enforcement with information and tips that lead to successful operations, resulting in children recovered, and predators identified and prosecuted.

Protect Your Family Course

We equip you by providing information about trafficking, who the buyers and sellers are, expert advice from survivors and what you can do at home to protect your family.

Daily Intelligence Brief

The DIB Premium (DIB P) is a thoughtfully curated daily memo, filled with news from trusted sources around the world and delivered straight to your inbox each day.

Help Us Help Them

With your financial support, we can continue our work to break the cycle of trafficking and restore freedom and hope in the lives of those suffering from trauma.


Direct Support to Law Enforcement

Through our connections with law enforcement and other partners, we interrupt the Cycle of Exploitation wherever we can.

Education and Training Initiatives

We educate the public so they can better protect themselves and the ones they love. We do this through online courses, in-person training, through social media and our Daily Intelligence Brief Premium.

Change The Equation Campaign

We’ve launched the Change the Equation Campaign where we aim to change the legal definition of a minor involved in commercial sex from 18 to 21 years old. This will cripple the illicit sex industry.

Victim Identification & Actionable Leads

Every day, we identify victims that are being abused and sold online and the predators exploiting them and buying them. We package this information into actionable leads for law enforcement across the U.S.

Skull Games

We run Skull Games where we surge our analytical efforts by crowdsourcing talent to assist law enforcement in generating lead packets on trafficked victims, missing kids and persons of interest.

International Recovery & Prosecution Efforts

Overseas, ATP is directly involved in operations to recover victims of abuse and prosecute their abusers.

Parole & Probation Teams

We support Parole and Probation Teams with purpose-built technology and tactics to catch sex offenders when they reoffend.

Local & International Safe House Partnerships

We have Safe Houses overseas where we help to restore women and children that have suffered abuse. We also partner with Safe Houses in the U.S. with our primary partners, Rubies LV and Stand4Justice.

On-Campus Empowerment Events

We host Empowerment Weekends where we bring in survivors of abuse to teach them martial arts skills, help them face lingering traumas, and find healing in a newfound sense of confidence and freedom.

An Unwavering Focus on Salvation

We provide hope and healing for a better life now and looking toward eternal salvation. We face these risks with unwavering courage in order to address humanity’s most pressing needs, bringing light in the darkest places on our planet.


Meet “M”

“M” has gone from trafficking survivor, to determined hunter, seeking those predators responsible for the trafficking of innocent women and children.

Save a Life.

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