Lion and The Lamb

Help kids affected by ISIS!

Join ATP Ministries to help kids traumatized by ISIS. The Lion and Lamb Initiative is one way for you to impact the lives of these kids. This is Phase 1 of the Initiative.  Phase 2 involves discovering other areas in our world where these healing toys can be distributed to hurting children with audio in their own language.

Simply donate $30 and Victor and ATP Ministries will send a stuffed animal with specially selected music along with comforting words (in their own language.) These stuffed animals will bring comfort and joy to the hearts of traumatized youth.

To donate to the Lion and Lamb Initiative click the button below.

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Letter From Dr. Dobson

Hello Victor,

I appreciated receiving your kind note and the Lion & Lamb stuffed animals. They will be loved by children and adults alike. I pray that God will use this outreach effort to bring comfort to the displaced children of Iraq.

Our Director of Broadcasting, Mike Segovia, tells me that you have some exciting new things going on at ATP Ministries. Perhaps it’s time to record another show! Family Talk listeners always love to hear you share your heart and learn about how the Lord is using you and Eileen.

Again, it was good to hear from you. Give us a call and we’ll get something on the schedule!

God’s blessings,
James Dobson, Ph.D

President & Founder
Family Talk