ATP Ministries Mission Statement
ATP Ministries Statement of Faith
Q. How can I make a donation to help Victor and ATP Ministries reach troubled and abused youth?

A. Click on the “Donate” tab on our website and follow the instructions there.

Q. How can I correspond with or set up a meeting one-on-one with Victor?

A.  As stated above, Victor is not a counselor. Additionally, in order to be a good steward with the time and gifts God has given him to minister to youth, his travel schedule and commitment to his family does not permit him meeting one-on-one with individuals.

Once again, he strongly encourages you to meet with a pastor in your area if it is personal in nature.

Q. How can I have Victor speak at an event?
A. Click here to visit the Speaking Request page of our website. Please note the criteria he looks at for an event and then provide as many details as possible for consideration of your request.
Q. How do I get permission to screen the film, The Victor Marx Story?

A.  The Victor Marx Story can be screened as long as it is not for profit. We do ask that you please contact the ministry through our Contact Page to let us know when and where you will be screening the film.

Q. Are Victor’s book and movie available in other languages?
A.  Presently Victor’s book is available only in English.  The movie “The Victor Marx Story”  is available in 15 languages (subtitles on one DVD including English for the hard of hearing) at our online store. The video and 15 subtitles are also available for viewing on Victor’s YouTube channel and on Videos page.
Q. Does Victor personally mentor/disciple, or teach martial arts?

A.  This is not possible due to logistics and a full ministry schedule.